Conservatives start criticizing Scott Walker’s campaign

Something tells me this is just the beginning of conservatives airing their discontent with the way Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign has been run:

I know that Scott Walker doesn’t want to hear what I’m going to say. I guarantee that it won’t win me any friends within the campaign or RPW, but I don’t much care about that. What I care about is a conservative winning in November and getting Wisconsin back on track.

Right now, I don’t think that’s going to happen. The problems are best highlighted in the recent controversy over Walker and Barrett’s responses to the floods in Milwaukee. I know that Walker has insisted that the county was on top of things from the start, and that’s great that it was. It’s also great if the county got things under control so that Walker didn’t need to be there to get the cleanup underway. Unfortunately – and here’s the bad news – it doesn’t matter. There were homes on the verge of falling into sinkholes. Over 8 inches of rain in some places had fallen in a matter of a few hours. The county executive needed to be in the county, not on a campaign swing.

I’ve long maintained that while Scott Walker may be the front runner in the Republican gubernatorial race, he’s run a terrible campaign, hence Mark Neumann sticking in the race despite urgings by Republican Party insiders that he step aside and allow Walker to be coronated. Given the kind of campaign Walker has run thus far, Mark Neumann would be a fool to drop out, because I’m betting Walker’s campaign may still implode before the September primaries (anyone remember Darlene Wink?).


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12 thoughts on “Conservatives start criticizing Scott Walker’s campaign

  1. I’m certainly not conservative nor would I hold myself out as a predictor of GOP politics,but I’ve always had an inkling that Mark Neuman will win the primary. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I’d love to see Scott Walker cry during his concession speech like all the other “holier that thou” ideolgoues. For instance, remember John Gard and Paul Bucher. They actually believed their hardcore conservative views would impress the electorate.

    By the way, who is Darlene Wink?

    1. Mortified, Darlene Wink is the staffer who worked in Walker’s office at the County who was found to be posting comments favorable to Walker and critical of Mark Neumann using the County’s internet connection. Coincidentally, it’s also rumored she was helping run the website, which went dark shortly after her work time activities were brought to light.

  2. Nothing made me happier than watching John Gard take an election day beating!

  3. Scott Walker will win the primary and the general. The momentum, support, excitement and polls are all going his way. Read it and weep…

  4. “Scott Walker will win the primary and the general. The momentum, support, excitement and polls are all going his way. Read it and weep…”

    Yes, you are quite the authority. I’m sure the voices in your head are a great approximation of the feelings of 90% of Wisconsinites outside of suburban Milwaukee. But it fits that you’d spin wilder and faster as you go down the drain.

    You’ll be surprised how many McCain voters will not pull the lever for an incompetent puppet like Scotty. I bet you’ll be saying “HUH?” a lot in these next 3 months as the reality sets in. But please, continue to allow us to continue to record your greatest misses in the meantime. Like Proud Progressive mentions, the ineviatable schadenfreude of seeing whiners like you weeping will be one of the great thrills of this election season. Of course, a loser like you will probably hide in the corner once those results come in, not to be seen again for another 18 months or so.

    1. Yeah Jake really, just because you disagree, do you have to resort to name calling and petty insults? It absolutely negates any point you may have had, if you had one at all. I’m not sure McCain voters are a good barometer for anything. As we have seen in the past, Wisconsin voters vote differently when it comes to president/senator and governor. But if you are so cocky and confident, give me your phone number and I’ll be happy to call you on election night with the results one way or another.

  5. All the vitriol in the world will not change the fact that Scott will win this election. Let’s see who is weeping then. Why is it you have to attack me personally? Voices in my head? Loser like me? I actually am an authority on what I stated in my post. I see the enthusiasm for Walker everywhere I go. I saw how at every rally, Lincoln Day etc… where Neumann only received polite applause.

    My dear, all the polls have Scott ahead. Call Rasmussen a right wing pollster if you will, but he gets it close the majority of the time. PPP has Walker ahead. Most conservatives can NOT stand Mark Neumann (he is a laughing stock) and Barrett is a weak candidate at best.

  6. I’m wondering why the Darlene Wink stuff hasn’t been much of a story lately. It seems like there is more there. Anyone know if more is to come?

      1. Well, I hope Scott Walker is just as fair and impartial with the investigation into Darlene Wink as he was about the O’Donnell Parking Garage investigation.

  7. Scott Walker has too many failures that will be exploited by the Dems to win in November. His only accomplishments were those issues where he had total control. He did not have to rely on anyone else to give back part of his salary and he prepares the budget. He even screwed up the budget by increasing spending by 35% over 8 years. My county property taxes went up every year to over 17% during that time. Walker has not got one of his major proposals adopted, because he is not able to get other people to accept his proposals, either because that were bad or he does not have the political accument to convince others. Walker will be a disaster for Wisconsin. Neumann will win the primary and the general election.

  8. Nothing makes me happier than the fact that John Gard (fka The Peshtigo Pissant)was NOT named as a member of Scott Walkers cabinet. One more strike against Gard from a fellow Republican.

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