David King: let’s use government resources to promote religion!

Via Milwaukee News Buzz and through the illusory tenant comes this nugget (emphasis mine):

[Milwaukee pastor “Apostle” David King] also wants to use [the Wisconsin secretary of state’s office] as a platform for community outreach. The outreach, however, would be done by expanding God Squad. King denied that such a plan would constitute an intrusion of religion into government.

So as Wisconsin’s Secretary of State, David King would use his office – and presumably its taxpayer-provided budget – to expand his God Squad to do community outreach. Putting aside the fact that “community outreach” isn’t mentioned in the Wisconsin Constitution as being one of the responsibilities of the Secretary of State, there’s the whole issue of government promoting religion, as King is proposing to do. While King denies expanding his God Squad using a government office and public funds would represent an intrusion of religion into government, let’s take a look at how the God Squad’s website describes the group’s mission:

Milwaukee God Squad Mission Statement: Milwaukee God Squad is organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, and educational purposes. Our goal shall be met by its taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

If the stated goal of the God Squad is to “[take] the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world,” then I’d like to hear someone explain how exactly would using the official office of Secretary of State not constitute a Constitutionally-barred promotion of one set of religious beliefs – in this case Christianity – by the government?

Then again, as the illusory tenant points out, maybe David King just thinks he’s running for Secretary of Jesus.


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