Hit ’em where it hurts!

“(But) this is a 55-year-old man. He’s a person who has been out in the community, according to his own account. The fact that he’s never given any serious thought to the Constitution, to the right to bear arms — any 8-year-old in the state has a position on the right to bear arms. The fact that he just flips off irresponsible comments about the science of climate change suggest that it’s not that he’s a new candidate, it appears he hasn’t thought about issues that most people who want to either be in the private sector or public sector feel they have a social responsibility to have some understanding of. He wants to go to the U.S. Senate without having thought about apparently anything.”

Democratic U.S. Senator Russ Feingold, speaking to WisPolitics on 08/18/10.


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38 thoughts on “Hit ’em where it hurts!

  1. Poor little Russ all whiny again because people just don’t believe their phony the sky is falling claims so as a typical progressive he does what all progressives do when they are called out, make it personal ….. climate change is nothing more than a progressive way to destroy the free market and one more way to control our lives.

  2. Senator Feingold will destroy ROJO in a debate….The repubs better hope Westlake wins, as misguided as he is, he actually believes what he is saying…

  3. BINGO!

    @Notalib The question of climate change is not a political question, it is a scientific question. The course of research over the last several decades, by thousands of climate scientists shows concrete, irrefutable evidence, that the global climate is warming. There is no dispute in the scientific community about that.

    When the Republicans can’t even acknowledge facts, there is no way that anything they suggests to solve it has validity. Indeed, they have shown no willingness whatsoever to want to do anything about it. That’s the problem I have with the GOP. If they at least acknowledged the cause and had different ideas on how to solve the problem, I would at least listen to what they have to say. Then we can make progress.

    1. Bull Rich! And there is science on the other side that shows the opposite. What happened to “We Are Entering Another Ice Age” of the 70’s? Man-made global warming is a FARCE! There are just as many scientists that refute what you just wrote. Quit sounding like an alarmist. I can not even begin to imagine what it feels like to believe all this climate crap. Oh my, we are going to die!

      1. Nice effort trying to be seasonable but progressives have no interest in discussion you either believe in what they believe in or they just shut you out. One thing I have learned in 54 years progressives are the most closed minded people you will ever meet.

          1. What sacrifices are you making to save the planet? I expect to hear things like never using AC, never flying in a plane, living in a small apartment, not driving a car, etc.

          2. If you really believe we are on the brink of disaster, you should not even be using your computer, phone, or whatever device to view and comment on this website. It’s not essential to life and you’re just killing the planet.

            1. Turning the question to what my personal habits are has absolutely nothing to do with debating the original point which was how Mr. Johnson believes that sunspots cause global warming. FWIW, I do what I can to provide for my family while doing the best that I can to do it responsibly. But in your black and white world, if I hadn’t reverted back to cave dwelling and foraging for twigs and berries, I would be considered a hypocrite. That’s ludicrous.

              But that’s the denialist’s primary modus operandi, confront the truth with deception and diversion.

              1. I’m just saying if things are really so dire, by global warming logic, it would take big steps to revert a thing like the earth’s climate. I’m sure it feels good to recycle a plastic bottle and put a sweater on rather than turn up the heat, but it’s not going to change the climate, even if you believe we can change the climate.

  4. Huh, it is hard to find scientific evidence that shows the opposite that is peer reviewed and not bought and paid for by big oil. Do you really think putting all the shit we do into the atmosphere would have no effect?

    And nota, in your 54 years you obviously haveent learned much!

  5. Proud progressive,

    Can you point any of us to evidence of global warming that is more than observational? Do you even know what I am talking about? The people that are trying to equate global warming don’t even understand all the variables that contribute to warming so how can they say that all the variability in the current temperature trends are attributed to man made CO2?

    I have been involved in medical research for years and when we hear how these scientist are coming to conclusions about global warming we all have a nice laugh.

    By the way I just received my 4’x8′ Ron Johnson sign and will be putting in along Interstate 94. Sorry Russ, I understand you have no other skills but I bet McDonalds is hiring! You might need a couple of work references so aim lower!

    1. kent, enlighten us all as to what’s causing global warming, in your opinion, since you’re such a smart guy. I mean after all, you’re a doctor, so you must be an expert on the causes of global warming.

      1. Do you know what caused the ice age or when the earth warmed up to come out of the ice age?

        1. Forgot, we are technically still in the ice age as evidenced by the large amounts of ice at the polar caps. The caps are actually supposed to melt! Not that Al Gore or Keith Olbermann would ever tell us that.

        2. Again, changing the topic. The mechanisms of what caused the ice age are quite well known. But that’s not what we’re talking about.

      2. Zach, global warming isn’t a bad thing. Science has shown warming and cooling trends throught the earth’s history. The ice age started(cooling) and we are coming out of it(warming). It would have happened with or without man. You can show us data all you want of rising temperatures, but you can’t show us man is causing it.

      3. Zach,

        What do you mean, for me to enlighten you first I would have to know what the variables were that contributed to warming. Does anyone? NO! Is it only man made CO2 that has caused the heating and cooling of our earth for ages? Who knows maybe man made CO2 is contributing to warming but at this time we are only guessing. Can you provide me evidence other than casual association of CO2 and a warming climate? Can you prove to me the measurement of warming is not bias by the sites chosen to measure warming?

      1. Jim, what are you saying, I never left! Would you like a RJ sign for your yard? I would be happy to have one sent to you.

        Have a good weekend


        1. On my journey to the east side of the state I saw 2 RoJo$ signs.

          So yeah kent I’ll take…how about a couple dozen?

  6. I don’t often agree with Senator Feingold but man did he take the words right out of my mouth!

  7. That one paragrapoh is exactly why RoJo has ZERO shot in the real world election, only with the D.C. punditry and Journal Communications, who needs the ad revenue from a “contested” race. As others mentioned, at least Westlake can give a coherent answer to questions.

    RoJo is the classic example of a barely above-average intellect who lucks into a high income and status, and thinks it makes him an expert on anything (aka, the Jerry Jones disease). All his money can’t buy him a connection to reality.

    1. Jake,

      Funny seems to me the ROJO actually lives in the real world creating jobs for Wisconsin families. How many jobs has the professional politician Feingold produced?

  8. Kent- RoJo creates nothing, he took over his FIL’s company and OWNS. Just like his idol Gordon Gekko. And how much have “creator” CEOs like RoJo added in the last 9 years of low taxes and low regulations? LESS THAN ZERO. Put that fallacy away.

    On the other hand, Russ has created a ton of jobs for people who are in thinking professions like me through funding of education, research and infrastructure. And voted for the tax and spending structure of the ’90s that made a lot of it easier to do. It’s understandable that those jobs escape limited folk like you.

    But keep on clinging to those paid-off Razzy polls Kenny Boy. There are few people more pathetic than mediocre fools like you who want to be rich so you can control people, despite the fact that you will never be talented or connected enough to do so. No wonder you identify with the RoJos and not the people who really do make a difference.

    Feingold by 9.5 looks like a very solid bet right now. Unlike the White House, he won’t let people like RoJo get away with this BS.

    1. Jake,

      Funny, your in the “thinking” profession? (thanks for the laugh) I went to my liberal translation handbook… not sure what your are talking about?

      Paid off Razzy polls… sure keep up the great arguments!

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