Jill Bader’s explanation debunked, courtesy of the illusory tenant

On Monday I noted the controversy surrounding a racially-tinged tweet made by Jill Bader, the communications director for the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, and while Bader apologized and chalked the incident up to a case of her mistakenly re-tweeting the wrong link, the illustrious illusory tenant completely and thoroughly debunks Bader’s apology and explanation:

So Jill Bader, the communications director for the leading Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor (that’s Scott Walker’s hashmarked official slogan, “believeinwi”) actually expects you to believe that she doesn’t know the difference between a blog post and a comment to a blog post. That alone strains credulity. As anyone who has spent more than five minutes on the internets clearly understands, the disparity in intellectual quality between blog post writing and blog commenting often, uh, varies widely. We all know the difference.

Then Jill Bader further expects you to believe she thought that a URL containing the hypertext protocol http://youtu.be/ was in fact a link to a blog post at http://hotair. I don’t know which you’re supposed to swallow: either of those ridiculous expectations, or the fact that she’s the communications director for an actual gubernatorial candidate.

Finally Jill Bader — the professional communications director — expects you to believe she’s basically just reposting links to various internets locations without checking what those links lead to. And as for “Ha!” and “Ha!” again, there’s nothing particularly funny about the HotAir blog post Bader claims she thought she was linking to.

Quite plainly, Jill Bader’s ramshackle apologetics are preposterous.


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1 thought on “Jill Bader’s explanation debunked, courtesy of the illusory tenant

  1. Definitely not a mistake. Just an opportunity to reinforce the message that the Republican party will vote against light rail and keep everyone in Wisconsin safe from the people that will “ride the train” into their communities. A case of sending a message and then saying “oops I made a mistake. Basic Rovian politics.

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