Looks like someone wasnt paying attention in school.

Mark Neumann is on the air with his latest radio ad. He is going to fix our schools and save them from Madison.

Listen to it here!

“I’ve seen how good our schools can work ”

Ummm Mark, i have seen how well a good editor can work…


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25 thoughts on “Looks like someone wasnt paying attention in school.

  1. Two thoughts.

    Who cares? This is petty. He used good instead of well, oh dear. He’s sooo not fit to be governor.

    And “I” is capitalized.

    1. It’s basically a non-event…except for maybe the fact that Mr. Neumann is involved in running private schools might make it more interesting! LOL!

  2. I for one care. I was just on the UW Madison campus and saw a printed poster that had receive spelled recieve! (I before e except after c)… Effective grammar and language use are important for the state’s leaders and their educational institutions.

    Although clearly this isn’t the area where Mr. Walker is most deficient. His deficiency lies in his belief that you can continue to cut your way to a well rounded education system and that economic development is solely the purview of the market-based private sector. Beyond that, his lack of support for the tools of economic development like high speed rail and for creating and supporting an environment that values all state residents through equal rights, are enough to make his candidacy one that would turn the state’s clock back in time.

      1. Does that apply to your guys too? I mean Kent’s link to a Feingold video isn’t really any more off topic than MCM’s rant on Walker.

        Though based on the general direction of “discussion” around here lately, any post ripping on Republicans is by default, on topic.

        1. I think MCM meant Neumann and not Walker. They are so ready to pounce on Walker that things like this happen.

  3. To me its relevant because the whole ad is on how he is going to fix our schools. Had the subject been something else, I would of never posted it.

    1. It should be – I would HAVE never posted it. Oh, and in this case “its relevant” should be it’s.

      1. sorry posting quickly from my blackberry, it was not a thought out edited commercial.

        1. 10,000 by Zach, 2990 by proud progressive, 5 by squidknuckle, and 5 by me!

          Don’t get your panties in a knot Zach.

          Good job, I do enjoy the banter.

  4. Wis public schools are an embarrassment and until the people can take the control away from WEAC they are never going to improve. Unions = failures and for some reason democrats have no problem with that.

  5. actually nota you couldn’t be more mistaken . wi schools perform very well and unions are pure democracy in action. a bunch of people band together , elect representatives and speak as one voice

      1. We were talking about WI schools…MPS is an important part but not representative…unfortunately…it would be nice if they were leading the pack rather than trailing.

  6. Notalib, Why do you hate America? Our union tradition is small d democracy in action. It is one of the forces that built this country and made it as great as it is.

  7. You guys are funny. Nearly all of the best teachers I know that have expressed an opinion on it, hate their union. They treat many of the rules as simply something to be routed around.

    One of my brothers taught in Southeast Wisconsin – until he was called to active duty and served a year in the Kuwait. Yes you heard that right, he returned from serving his country to find his job no longer waiting for him. Not only disgusting, but also illegal. Where was the union to protect him? Nowhere to be seen. He didn’t fight it because he decided he didn’t want to work in that sort of environment.

    My other brother was just hired as an assistant principle in a 2000+ student school after teaching for almost 10 years (6 in Arizona including 4 in a school literally 15 minutes from the border). He can’t believe how much Wisconsin pays their teachers including benefits. Despite being pretty liberal, he’s always complaining about the teachers unions and the mentality of “me, me, me.”

    1. principal

      And a union is a democracy as has been stated here before…but just like our government, if a member just complains and doesn’t get involved in changing it, nothing changes…

      I do think currrent union structures have outlived their usefulness…and need to evolve to help rebuild the economy in the world environment.

    2. Locke, I’m proud to be a union member, but even I can admit there’s plenty my union does that I don’t agree with. Unions aren’t perfect, as we’ve seen with MTEA and the whole viagra issue.

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