Neumann wins regional beer stein holding contest

In a follow-up to a story I posted on Thursday night, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann won Thursday night’s regional Masskrugstemmen, a German beer stein holding contest which requires contestants to hold up a full beer mug for as long as they can with their arm fully extended. Neumann will now move on to the national Masskrugstemmen in New York City on September 25.

I have to give Mark Neumann credit…you don’t find many candidates for elected office entering beer stein holding contests.


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5 thoughts on “Neumann wins regional beer stein holding contest

  1. Reince didnt want to personally take a straw poll and appoint scott walker as the new WI representative?

  2. Well done, PP.

    Maybe this is my bias showing here, but I’d definitely view a Wisconsin candidate more positively with something like this. Especially given that brewing is one of the few industries that Wisconsin has seen serious growth in, and is one of the few that hasn’t been wrecked by the NAFTAs and CAFTAs.

    With that in kind, a good “meet and greet” for any Wisconsin candidate would have been showing up at last week’s Great Taste of the Midwest in Madison (a tremendous event if you’ve never gone). Sadly, I didn’t see anyone from either party making the move. 🙁

    1. To add to your point, I’d just note that it’s “off the wall” kinds of things like these that endear me to candidates, because candidates shouldn’t be afraid to have a little fun and let a little bit of their true personality show.

      After all, I don’t want elected officials that are automatons; I want folks who have some personality.

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