Oppo Research – “Extreme” Ad from the GOP

Take note of the Feingold reference in this GOP ad – dead heat, but they somehow couldn’t find a picture of Ron Johnson?

Proof of being extreme…

  • Sharron Angle – women raped in incestuous relationships should be forced to give birth
  • Rand Paul – businesses should be allowed to discriminate

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3 thoughts on “Oppo Research – “Extreme” Ad from the GOP

  1. Wow, I haven’t seen that many Rasmussen Polls in one place since… Oh, results paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. That explains its awesome extreme effectiveness.

  2. Looking at the ship of fools the republicans are running, I was trying to figure out who was worse? Is it the lunatic sharon angle? Rob Portman who sold as many American Manufacturing jobs down the river as he could? Carly Fiorina who was a wreck of a ceo and whose main accomplishment is cutting 10’s of thousands of jobs? Rubio who has not seen someone elses credit card that he doesnt like?

    where is the talent and ideas?

  3. I agree! With candidates like these, the Democrats will have no problem holding on to their majorities in both houses of Congress! There’s no reason to even worry about the election; let’s focus on governing.

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