Paul Ryan: progressivism is a cancer

Found in my email inbox:

Progressivism is a “cancer” in America: so says Glenn Beck, and so agrees Rep. Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin. Ryan says his goal is to “indict the entire vision of progressivism” which he says is “a complete affront of the whole idea of this country.”

He says he wants to “flush out progressives” and that he knows about them because he grew up in Janesville, WI, “just 35 miles from Madison,” as if progressivism is, and has been, some secret cult that he’s now revealing to us and from which he must save us. He’s on this (ahem) courageous mission “so people can actually see what this ideology means” and “how it attacks the American idea.” Just how un-American is it? Ryan tells us that “this stuff came from the German intellectuals to Madison” and that the “Austrians” were its “founders.”

In a speech he gave last January, Ryan said

….there was the Wisconsin Deal. In my home state, the University of Wisconsin was an early hotbed of progressivism, whose goal was to reorder society along lines other than those of the Constitution.

Go read the rest for yourself.


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5 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: progressivism is a cancer

  1. Mr. King does a very nice job pointing out that ryans true loathing is for anyone who would speak up against corporate monopoly and power

  2. I don’t think the Constitution specifies how we’re to set up and manage our societies. The federal government, yes. Society’s another matter. I’m a progressive of sorts, and I certainly don’t want the government telling us how to run our affairs.

  3. Ryan has not gotten much right lately….so he doesnt know history or economics, I wonder what his strong suit is?

    1. There’s another possibility: that he’s NOT lying and he really is deluded into thinking “progressiveness” is some kind of revolutionary cult.

      For me it’s kind of obvious. Being a progressive to me does not mean “re-ordering society” it means ensuring equality by making sure the government doesn’t support bigotry etc, and it’s not about total government control it’s about the government being there for the people rather than something that sits on the sidelines when problems occur.

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