Sanders campaign hires regional organizers across WI

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The campaign of Henry Sanders, Jr., Democratic candidate for Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor, today announced the hires of nine regional field organizers throughout the state. The new staffers will work with local leaders and supporters in their regions to build on the existing statewide support that carried Sanders to a two-to-one victory amongst Democratic Party leaders and grassroots activists in the annual convention poll.

“This level of statewide organization is unprecedented in a down-ballot race, and will make the difference in September,” said Jason Stephany, Sanders campaign manager and former Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Candidates can spend all the money in the world, but this race will come down to who has the true, statewide, grassroots network needed to get out the vote on Election Day.”

Organizers have already activated local supporter networks, contacting thousands of voters through phone banks, house parties, and door-to-door canvasses to spread the word about Sanders’ real world job creation experience – and his detailed plan to put Wisconsin back to work.

“Come November, Henry Sanders will still be the only candidate who brings real world job creation experience to the table,” Stephany said. “And with the addition of these experienced organizers, Henry will also be the only candidate with a statewide network of supporters primed and ready to work for the Barrett-Sanders ticket.”

“I’ve traveled to every corner of this state, and everywhere I go people tell me they need a leader who will help put their families and their communities back to work,” Sanders said. “There’s a lot of excitement and energy behind this campaign and Progressive Recovery, our 18-point plan to create jobs. It’s that kind of energy that won the convention poll with more votes than our opponents combined, and I’m sure the work of these organizers will take that energy and turn it into a win for me and Tom Barrett this fall.”

The nine regional organizers and their regions are listed below. Those interested in working with the campaign should contact their local coordinator.

Northwest Wisconsin: Paydon Miller,
Northeast Wisconsin: Connor Chapman,
Fox Valley: Steve Thiede,
Greater Milwaukee: Ryan Hazelwood,
Southeast Wisconsin: Andrew Sharp,
Stateline: LaTreece Sandlin,
South-Central Wisconsin: Ryan Ludens,
North-Central Wisconsin: Laura Hauser-Menting,
Western Wisconsin: Jeremy Schroeder,

This is a big step for a down-ballot race, and while some within the Democratic Party here in Wisconsin might not take Henry Sanders, Jr. seriously, he’s certainly working hard to organize across the state, and in an election that could hinge on which candidates can best mobilize their supporters, this can’t be viewed as anything but a great step for the Sanders campaign.


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