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  1. We’ll swing by to take a look at that there garden, after the Feingold picnic, if that’s all right with you. I’ll give you a holler first.

  2. Do we have a positive emotional connection with our candidate of choice? What does that say about candidates we don’t choose? Can we like someone better personally yet vote for someone else? If our father was running, could we vote for someone else? Where is the line between personal attraction to a candidate and our minds wanting the best policies? I have this struggle in my mind and soul regularly. It is hard for me to vote against someone I like.

  3. I wonder why we never hear anything anymore about the length and frequency of presidential vacations.

    1. As of August 19, 2010, President Obama has spent all or part of 38 days on vacation away from the White House. He has also made 14 visits to Camp David spanning all or part of 32 days, bringing President Obama’s total time away to all or part of 70 days.

      As of this point in his first term in office, former President George W. Bush had made 14 visits to his Texas ranch spanning all or part of 102 days. He also made 40 visits to Camp David spanning all or part of 123 days. His “vacation” total at this point in his presidency was all or part of 225 days away.

      1. I didn’t realize going back to one’s home to the “Western White House” in Texas counted as vacation. This is Obama’s sixth vacation this year. I don’t have a problem with that, as I’ve said the president is never really away from the office. And maybe, just maybe, he can do less damage when not in DC.

        But I have to find it interesting that I haven’t heard a peep about Obama going around raising millions of dollars (evil campaign money) for a week and then jetting off to Martha’s Vineyard to hang out with the wealthy and well-connected elites. But interestingly enough you all don’t label him out of touch. Hypocricsy at its finest.

          1. Way to play the 9/11 card. I thought you said only conservatives did that. I’ll add that to the hyprocisy list. Obama was in Hawii during the underwear bomber incident last Christmas. So is it your assertion the president should never leave the White House because that somehow makes the nation safer?

            1. How many people died during the boxer bomber attack? Did obama ignore the briefs bomber report from cia?

              1. So you blame Bush rather than the Islamofascists for 9/11? You are unbelieveable. Do you also blame FDR for ignoring the threat on Pearl Harbor? Because I place the blame on Japan for that one.

                1. Of course I don’t blame bush. I place all the blame squarely on obama. He did sit in rev wrights church you know!

                  1. I guess you gotta be cute when you’re called out on it. What was your point then about how many people died during the underwear bomber attack and ignoring CIA reports? You and Jason throw this stuff out there and then back off when questioned. Tell me exactly what you meant then.

                    1. What I meant was simple. It was pure sarcasm. How can you possible equate bush ignoring 60 some warnings include an explicit daily brief delivered to him personally while he was on vacation to the underwear bomber? The underwear bomber was a lone lunatic who was caught and killed no one!

                    2. By the grace of God he killed no one.

                      Guess we better dismantle the FDR memorial.

        1. Western White House? seriously? it was a campaign prop….you know they rented animals for the background when he visited. You can tell how much they loved crawford by all the time they spent there when he was done…

          1. I suppose his daughter chose to get married at nothing more than a campaign prop. Right. But that’s neither here nor there.

            Yet you have no problem with Obama going off to places like Martha’s Vineyard. What about the poor and down trodden? Doesn’t he CARE?!!!?

            1. Last time I heard, you weren’t exactly an opponent of the rich and famous…and as you yourself have said a President is really never off the clock…and he’s at Martha’s Vineyard with his family…hmmm…a heinous crime that. And his other vacations have been to National Parks? Not exactly out of the norm for a ‘typical’ American family vacation. Would you rather he pull a Jimmy Carter and hunker down in Washington until whenever? I haven’t gotten on his case, nor President Bush, nor President Reagan, etc for vacations. They aren’t really out of touch, are on stage 24 x 7, and anyone who stays put every damn day is either a nut case or about to become one.

          2. You guys still can’t stop salivating over Bush. Get over it and start looking at the current President. If you’re so proud to be a socialist progressive, start calling him out on this garbage. He also has a knack for opening his mouth unnecessarily and making things far worse.

            1. Call him out on what garbage? knack for opening his mouth and make things worse? are you talking rojo?

              1. It’s garbage that he’s going to hang with the rich and well-connected. He knows the nation is suffering and then goes to hang out on yachts and at the beach. Why doesn’t he care about the poor and those who are sacrificing? He’s going around raising millions of dollars in dirty campaign cash while people are starving and can’t buy groceries. I thought you were a proud progressive? Why can you only say those things about a president with a R behind his name, but not when the beloved BHO does the very same thing?

                1. Why didn’t you call out Bush for doing this? Why don’t you call out Scott Walker for his $2500 fundraisers with party walruses like Haley Barber? Pot, meet kettle.

                  1. I’m not saying I have a problem with any of them doing it. I am saying that many of the progressives and liberals on here decry these things, except when Obama is doing the exact same thing. Way to miss the point entirely.

              2. I suppose it is the same syndrome that feminists had when the abandoned their principles during the Clinton years. (“I’d be happy to give him [oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal,” boasted former Time magazine White House correspondent Nina Burleigh about Bill Clinton.)

          3. They rented animals, I imagine you have proof or do we need to just take your word for it. A for the current resident in the white house I am all for him being on vacation as much as possible he can do less damage to my country when he is on the golf course.

            1. As former Texas agriculture commissioner Jim Hightower, who dubbed the Crawford digs a “ranchette,” said in 2004, “Bush is always inviting the media out to take pictures of him clearing brush. In my experience real ranchers spend virtually no time clearing brush. They’re usually tending cattle….the cattle you see as part of the photo op aren’t even his. They’re somebody else’s that he rents the land to.”


              1. SO lets see you said they rented animals now you are saying the animals were owned by someone who rented the land.

                So I a going to give a progressive a chance to tell the truth for once wonder how this will go.All you need to do is answer A or B

                A. Bush rented animals for photo ops
                B. Bush rented his land to another rancher and the animals were not actually rented.

                1. And, of course, Bush doesn’t own any of the cattle on his “ranch”. They are the cattle of the previous owner, who still lives there and actually runs Bush’s little movie set for him. As for the horses you see in the backdrops… Bush is afraid of them and has never ridden any; like so much in his anti-reality-based presidency, it’s all window dressing and all for show).


                  The point is the “ranchette” was one big photo op….

                  1. And all that is important, because…? Way to go way off topic, but there are plenty of modern presidencies that are orchestrated and theatrical. Just ask Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Do you think Obama really wanted to take his family to the Gulf and swim in that water? He was using his daughter as a prop. I’d rather use cattle as a prop than my own kid.

        2. How can he be out of touch if he’s visiting Americans who don’t live in Washington DC? LOL!

          1. Ed, those aren’t Americans, those are the rich and well-connected. They don’t count as real Americans. Obama is out of touch because he’s having caviar with those folks while the rest of us are sipping cold soup in soup kitchens.

            The fact that more that one of you libs have taken my comments seriously only goes to show your thinking. I am just playing the part that you all played so long against Bush. Why don’t you make those same foolish comments now when it is BHO who is flying high with the rich and famous?

            1. So people who are rich and well-connected are not Americans.

              These non-Americans eat caviar, while all others are in soup kitchens.

              That we respond shows our thinking.

              No, it shows that I am trying (very, very, very passively) to understand your thinking, but it seems to bite its own tail when its not being a vehicle for histrionic strawmen. Actually, those aren’t mutually exclusive…

              ah well, it’s been fun. I hope you had as much fun as I did with you.

              1. Perhaps you’ve never heard of saracasm. I was pretending to say things guys like you would be saying if it were Bush on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard when there’s 10% unemployment.

            2. Show me where I’ve criticized any president for their out of DC excursions?

              And I am willing to bet the Secret Service has just a little bit to do with where presidents spend their time outside the White House. I would guess they would prefer that presidents stay in DC or Camp David

  4. @Proud Progressive,
    Not only ranchers, but the federal government spends time..and plenty of money$$ clearing brush (aka mesquite) in the southwest from grazing land. Unless they’re dairy cows, there’s far more time spent clearing brush, tending the fences, the stock tanks, the roads, etc, than there is tending the cattle.

    1. Now Carmen there you go using facts and logic on a progressive again, shame on you all you are going to do with facts is confuse them even more. A progressive never uses facts they use feelings and emotions to live their lives.

  5. So your “fact” proves what that Bush was a deficit hawk and only worried about saving taxpayer money??

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