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  1. According to a recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey, fully 27% of Republicans indicated they believed President Obama probably wasn’t born in America, while another 14% indicated they believed President Obama definitely wasn’t born in America.

    I’d love to hear from my conservative readers on whether they believe the president was born in the United States or not.

    1. according to this, Obama was born in America (Honolulu, Hawaii).

      Truth is, he is legit. Some people just can’t accept it.

      1. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

        By the way, you should see my garden Jason….my tomatoes are huge, and I’m starting to get green & purple peppers and jalapenos, and my cucumbers are doing well too!

        1. Holy cow, awesome! BTW, I have a Mexican basil plant (I think) that is supposed to be very good for making salsa. I’ll have to give you some!

    1. Obama came out in favor of religious freedom concerning the Islamic Mosque being contemplated in proximity to the 911 site. He rightly cited this freedom guaranteed by our constitution.

      On those points I agree with him. But what he does not understand is that this country is a center right country dominated by christians. It is for this reason, our tolerance for other religions, that this issue is even being discussed.

      That said this is purely political and no mosque will ever be build in proximity to the 911 site. Obama comming out in favor of this issue has further isolated the democrats for the rest of the country.

      Jim, by Obama “not commenting on the wisdom” of building the Mosque is basically an indorsement of it.

  2. As one of those right wingers. I don’t fear that Prez Obama was born in Kenya, nor am I a “Birther”. But I would support those states that require proof of eligibility to pursue his showing of the ACTUAL certificate. The three documents provided thus far are inconclusive. the one missing document that would be solid proof has been sealed by request of the President. If there is nothing to hide then there is nothing to hide.

    So far the Prez people have shown 2 birth announcements from Hawaii papers. and The certificate of Live Birth. Neither of those items is the ACTUAL BIRTH Certificate. I have been involved in family history research for over 30 years. Oftentimes a Certificate of Live birth will be filed in one community…sometimes years after the event. but the actual Birth record (Certificate), was in a different community.

    Not to join the conspiracy..but here is why it’s relevant. Barack II could have been born in Kenya…. and days later he could have arrived in Hawaii. At that time there would be no record on the flight for an infant. It is my understanding that Stanley Ann and Barack Sr were in Kenya just days before his birth and that airlines at that time wouldn’t have permitted a woman with a due date of just days wouldn’t have been permitted to travel. Now even if he was born in Kenya he would be eligible under the 14th amendment to qualify as a US Citizen Natural born…but that would’ve required him to take an action at some point to claim his US citizenship, and then 7 years afterward he could run for President. But he never took that action. furthermore the document “Certificate of Live Birth” is typed. and contains no Signature of the Doctor or the Parents of Barack. THERE IS No reason for Obama to not release the actual Birth Certificate unless it doesn’t contain the proof needed to stop the debate.

    One last point. If Obama has no intention to run for re-election..he won’t need the proof. If he’s not gonna run for re-election he might live like a king for years..take vacations all over the world, treat the treasury as his personal piggy bank? blow the debt pass health care and other big Govt hand-out programs and undermine the US Free market…..I’m sure he wouldn’t being doing any of that:…….or would he??? Hillary in 2012??

    1. False. Just false. I’m not sure what you’re definition of a “birther” is …

      First, factcheck.org (non-partisan fact checking group affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania) tracked down the original a while back. And according to them, everything is groovy. Check it out: http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/born_in_the_usa.html.

      Second, you can find a picture of his birth announcement online. Now, to be fair, maybe they conspired to create some evidence of his American birth, knowing that he’d need that kind of evidence in the future, ya know, when he ran for president and all. Doesn’t seem likely though.

      Third, the McCain campaign aggressively investigated these claims. They paid very talented folks (i.e., the kinds of people that do this kind of muck-raking for a living) to uncover what they could. And they couldn’t substantiate any of these claims. Because there was no real evidence underlying any of these claims. End of story.

  3. It’s low humidity, breezy, sunny, and about 75 here. The dogs had baths and the tomatoes and peppers are doing fine. On the downside, the guy across the street is still an idiot, but at least too fat and lazy to come over here and annoy me at close range. And considering he’s President and “everywhere”, I still manage to pay remarkably little attention to Obama. I think he’s boring.
    Sorry, that’s all I got O_o

    1. The weather’s not terrible here, but it’s still a little warm for my tastes. As I was mentioning to Jason, my garden is positively flourishing. I’ve got a million green tomatoes of all types and sizes, and my assortment of peppers and cucumbers are starting to thrive as well.

      I’m glad that your neighbor isn’t annoying you at close range…LOL.

  4. Kent they will not believe you that we are a center right country, even with the facts staring them in the face. One of Zacks authors even did a post on how the country leans, but the left ignores the results because they didn’t come from the Daily Koz.

    Zack, Today (Sunday) isn’t sweltering either, but don’t let the facts stop you!

    1. Steve, I didn’t realize you lived at my house, where in my opinion it was sweltering today. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps my definition of sweltering might be different than yours?

      Seriously…attacking me about the weather? How petty, lame, and juvenile. Go to the fair already.

  5. Urban Pioneer, how can you claim to not be a Birther and at the the same time question the legitimacy of Obama’s citizenship? By definition you are a Birther. It appears you are also in denial.

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