taxed enough already….Old School!

The “tea” parties were an annual event that with enough money from with enough money from the Koch Brothers, and an aggressive free PR campaign from Fox \”news\”, and it seems like these collections of loons are popping up everywhere like dandelions in the spring. We even had The rodeo clown glen beck, draw a fairly large crowd with his latest keep giving me money rally.

The “tea baggers” have wanted their country back for a long time now. As I have stated numerous times here, while there is some traces of a grass roots movement with the “tea partiers” and real anger towards government, I have also pointed out that it is hard to take them seriously because of their complete lack of understanding of the issues they are so upset about.

USA Today just pointed out that the “Taxed Enough Already crowd must want to bring their country back to 1950 because that is the last time they paid such a low rate of taxes.

Amid complaints about high taxes and calls for a smaller government, Americans paid their lowest level of taxes last year since Harry Truman‘s presidency, a USA TODAY analysis of federal data found.

As they break down very well at Crooks and Liars,  the next time the \’tea partiers\” bring up President Obama it should be to thank him!


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9 thoughts on “taxed enough already….Old School!

  1. Did you know I am a Tea Party member in Eau Claire? At least half the group that meets formally on a monthly basis are democrats or independents. You should be ashamed of yourself for describing them in such a disgusting term as “tea baggers”. Do you even know what that means. Of course, I would expect this kind of nonsense from you.

    On other treads we have argued about the current progressive tax system and you have made a fool of yourself each time. Again, can you tell me how you justify that I pay more as a percentage of my income then someone who makes less. What should be do with the Alternative Minimum tax. What about a Fair Tax.

    What should be do with 40% of Americans effectively pay no federal income tax but continue to use social services.

    By the way, I can’t wait to see Obama try and take credit for the success of the Iraq war tonight. Just a reminder…

    No on will be listening to this moron tonight. Everyone knows that he is just trying to change the subject from the worst economy in our lifetime.

  2. yes I know what “tea baggers” means, and the originators of the current “tea partiers” used the name themselves ( until they figured out what it meant finally and changed it!

    Again, or for the first time, because I dont remember others, but you absolutely do not pay more as a percentage of your income as someone who makes less(this is generality of course, not know what you make and not know what you consider making less). The people who live in poverty pay a substantially larger percentage of their income in taxes than do the top 1%. (

    take a peak around the website, you will see numerous posts, blogs, charts , links, etc… pointing out how the economic mess we are in can be charted right to the Bush/Cheney regime if not directly to reaganomics.

    Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

    1. yes I know what “tea baggers” means, and the originators of the current “tea partiers” used the name themselves

      I wonder how that justification would have worked for Dr. Laura or any white person who uses the n-word. “I can use it because I’ve heard them use it to refer to themselves.”

      Regardless of which excuses people make, bottom line it’s a slur meant to disparage people and frankly, classless.

    2. I think it is impossible to have an intelligent argument with you Proud Progressive. I absolutely DO pay more as a percentage of my income than someone who makes less. Because of my income and HIGH property taxes I am caught by the AMT every year. This means that I cannot deduct the mortgage of my home, property taxes.. Because of my income I cannot deduct the interest on several hundred thousand dollars in student loans. Even without the AMT these deductions go away as income increases. You cannot argue with statistics my friend. If I don’t may more as a percentage of my income and almost 50% of people pay less than 3% in federal taxes…. Then who pays for all your social programs?

      First of all we are speaking of FEDERAL INCOME TAXES only. Property taxes are based on the value of the property you purchase. In Eau Claire it is something like $20 for every $1000 of assessed value. Even though property taxes are too expensive, I and everyone else have the choice of not purchasing property.

      Come up with a real argument. Again, why is it unfair for every American to pay the same percentage in federal taxes based on income? You better brush up on your arguments because real change is coming.

  3. i would also challenge your claim that “at least half of the group are democrats or independents”. come on now

    1. I challenge the whole premise of this post. Thank Obama for low taxes?! Ha! What about when the tax cuts expire? Not only that, but you are calculating it does not take into effect the bad economy. Granted so far there have not been major tax hikes, but what about the unprecedented and outrageous deficit spending? Obama deserves thanks — thanks for nothing.

  4. Locke. your really comparing the nword to tea baggers are you?

    and no Kent, we are talking total taxes as a percentage of income not just property taxes.

    what is that real change?

  5. Yup, I am. Obviously there’s a very different history, but they’re both slurs meant to disparage and insult, and the exact same rationale or justification for using the word is as laughable in one case as the other.

  6. Actually the N word was always used a slur, teabaggers was used as a badge of honor until they realized how silly it was then they tried to change it. In the end it doesnt matter, what matters is the true point, their anger is misguided.

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