8 thoughts on “Thanks, Conservatives!

  1. Great poster, says it all. Yet tea party protesters and conservatives worried about their kids future don’t mind them making lower wages and losing all their benefits.

    The disconnect is impossible to understand.

  2. How does a tax cut for a CEO have anything to do with someone else making less money? You might think you’re being cute and clever with this poster, but it really doesn’t make any sense. It’s the government’s job to provide daycare? Give me a break! And again, daycare is going to translate into higher wages how? You might want to instead thank the labor unions for having their heads up their you-know-what and “protecting” their members by overplaying their hand and pricing everyone right out of the market.

    1. Businesses have seen no issue in slashing most of their veteran workforce to replace it with cheap labor. Maybe at some point of time dedication to a company as a worker meant something, but now the only thing matters is wages. You earn more benefits and wages and the company wants to save some money? Well they’ll just toss you out no matter how hard you work or how long you’ve worked. They have cheap younger labor they can exploit!

      While nothing is pure black and white, I don’t understand how many fiscal conservatives don’t seem to mind that a worker is nothing more than a tool at best to a big corporation, cattle is probably a better comparison, and that without regulation there WILL be abuses.

  3. Try reading the poster, dummy. Your name in you posting pretty much says it all. It’s sad something this easy requires an explanation.

    1. Thanks for resorting to name-calling and not replying to any of my points. That’s typical when there isn’t a valid response. No one is going to be making less money because someone else got a tax cut. Have a good night while you try to figure that one out.

  4. Sorry, dummy is so edgy, and I was just being honest. Can’t read the poster and refudiate the facts can you? Just a lot of whining and hurt feelings. Your narrow CEO tax cut point is dishonest and not the point. Again, it’s sad anyone has to explain it to you.

    As for low wages, if you’re against union wages and benefits, and fall in line with conservative economists and politicians, then you must be fully aware of the call to lower wages, cut benefits and compete with developing countries. Now that’s patriotic. Doh!

    1. Name-calling may be honest in your narrow view of bold honesty, but it’s not to the point and adds nothing condusive to intellectual arguments. You might want to think before typing next time. If the CEO part was “not to the point”, then what’s it doing on that ridiculous poster? You say it’s sad anyone has to explain it… and then never do. Why don’t you humor me and try to explain it then if it’s so transparent. In fact, you had it half right: that whole poster is “dishonest and not to the point.”

  5. Substituting pomposity and arrogance in an intellectual political discussion is the height of conservative cluelessness.

    Gee, are you actually double daring me to explain? Your agressive tendencies add nothing to the debate, and only spifflicate any chance of a rational discussion.

    The point your missing is that there are a number or RELATED POINTS on the poster…screw it.

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