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    1. You may not think that attempting to restrict how/where folks can practice their religion isn’t a Constitutional issue, but I’d argue it is. Ultimately the argument against the mosque near Ground Zero is all about restricting where a group – in this case muslims – can or can’t practice their religion.

      1. Zach, you got me, what a powerful argument! I absolutely agree with you let the the Mosque be built. Don’t think about the 3000 Americans murdered just a few years earlier down the block. Don’t worry about the people who had to choose to jump to their death or suffer unspeakable torture in a 2000 degree furnace. Don’t worry about all the children who had to watch while their parents, brother, sister, son, daughter were crushed by the unspeakable cowardice that took place on Sept 11.

        Go ahead and build the Mosque practice what ever religion you feel is appropriate. Don’t feel awkward when the mosque is build before the foundation is poured on the 911 monument.

        No one is trying to suppress freedom of religion, but if the Muslim community truly cared about what happened on 911 they would drop the issue.

        I hope this issue continues to be on the front page and Obama continues to handle it like he has so far. Tomorrow I will contacting Fiengolds office to get his take. Let me guess that the intern will have no idea what he thinks!

        1. Kent, over 60 victims of the 9/11 attacks were muslim in their faith, but I suppose that didn’t factor into your “rationale.”

          I guess you just don’t put as high a value on the rights of private property owners to do what they want with their property, so long as it’s within whatever zoning laws may apply to said property.

          1. Zach,

            Like I said, build the Mosque. Fine with me! It will only harm your party. People are not trying to deny freedom of religion, we are trying to establish respect at the graves of 3000 Americans. If Muslims insist that his happen then we know where they stand.

            1. kent, I didn’t realize they were proposing that the mosque/community center be built right on top of the site of the former World Trade Center, which would be the graves of those 3000 Americans (which includes a number of muslims, which you seemed to ignore).

        2. The people building this center are in no way responsible for 9/11. It’s just plain religious bigotry to act like this is some sort of affront.

          1. Really funny that the secular left who is always making sure no one is offended and is sensitive to feelings and has been hostile to Christianity for years is now talking about “religious bigotry.”

    1. Kent, if only you were as fervent in your support of the First Amendment as you are of the Second Amendment, we wouldn’t be talking about where you should put a worship hut.

      I served at the pleasure of three presidents over the course of 9 years defending our Constitution, especially the right for people to say things I both agree and disagree with, for people to worship doorknobs if they wanted to, because this country was the very first of its kind to guarantee those rights. And the right of neo-Nazis to parade in Skokie, and for Fred Phelps to preach his hate, for Limbaugh to lie daily and for Maher to be plain loopy. To me, the First Amendment is the most cherished article in the Constitution, with the Fifth close behind. To me, as long as the First Amendment is intact, our democracy is guaranteed.

      Many things people do under the protection of the First Amendment make my stomach turn. But, as Keith Olbermann said last night, THIS IS AMERICA, DAMMIT! I urge you to watch this. It really is as non-partisan as he gets.


      P.S. If it were a methodist church planned for 51 Park, we would not be having this conversation. Prove me wrong.

  1. Rich,

    In what capacity have you “served” our country? I would be glad to debate you on any point of the constitution. You keep trying to paint me in a corner but I won’t take the bait. I support freedom of religion and encourage Muslims to practice freely. Not sure how many times I need to repeat myself.

    That said, I think it is an insult, provocation, and totally political to build a Mosque near the 911 site. But please, be my guest, build!

    Keith Olbermann is a moron!

    1. Indeed, it is irrelevant that I served as an officer in the United States Army for 9 years both here and abroad. That has no bearing on the argument. I will avoid mention of it again in the future.

      And I repeat my assertion that if a church were planned for 51 Park, there would be no debate. And that’s the hypocrisy.

  2. That pesky first amendment also says freedom of speech(ie protest). It’s how the left has been able to get their way for so long and to their credit. However I find it a bit hypocritical that right can’t protest a mosque being permanently built by the WTC site citing the first amendment, but when Glenn Beck wants to hold a one day rally at Lincoln Memorial when MLK Jr. gave his speech…


  3. Its not even a Mosque why cant the right wing ever debate an issue honestly??

    1. If it’s not a mosque then there’s no 1st amendment freedom of religion issue, now is there? Make up your mind about what issue you are fighting for before we debate honestly.

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