Tim John challenges Tom Barrett to debate

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim John, the underdog in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, wants to debate Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and despite repeated calls for a debate by John, Barrett’s campaign has been silent, prompting John to send out an email to supporters including this challenge:

While my complaints are many, they don’t matter. What matters is where we go from here? How can we reach out to people with whom we have little in common, saying, “Come on, let’s fix this problem together.” What do we accomplish when we only speak to people like us? Can Republicans and Democrats swallow our pride and work towards the common good?

The Republican governor candidates are debating, though without the third Republican Scott Paterick, while we Democrats aren’t debating at all.

Tom Barrett let’s debate! Let’s lay the important issues on the table and make this state the best in the land!

Mr. Barrett, I humbly await your response.

While I get that John’s candidacy isn’t being taken very seriously by pundits, I’d still like to see the two Democratic candidates have a debate so voters will have a chance to hear the two candidates share their vision on how they’d move Wisconsin forward as governor.


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7 thoughts on “Tim John challenges Tom Barrett to debate

  1. I personally think in every race, whatever party, that at least one debate should be mandatory. If Tim Johns, or anyone else, is on the ballot as a dem along with barrett there should be a mandatory debate. If barrett refuses I will have a hard time voting for him.

  2. One should be able to find several online-sites where the issues (WI) and the candidates (both parties) may be quickly viewed, and an accurate overview of each candidate’s qualifications & experience also accessed. If candidates are unwilling to put-forth views on the major-issues and if they are unwilling to debate opponents, one can only “guess” that a debate would prove out unpopular-views or show weaknesses within their personal-opinions (our choice to “make the selection” as we have reached age-of-majority).

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