Tim John: the other Democratic gubernatorial candidate!

I’ll admit that I don’t typically read Eugene Kane’s column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but upon noticing Kane’s most recent column was written about underdog Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim John, I had to give it a read. As Kane notes in his column, John may not have a snowball’s chance in heck of beating Democratic frontrunner Tom Barrett on September 14, but he’s still got a right to run:

Underdog or not, John has as much right to run for the Democratic nomination in the Sept. 14 primary as anyone else. If he’s able to bring more attention to black male unemployment rates, so much the better.

As I’ve written before, I can’t help but root for the underdogs in 2010’s political races, and whether he has a chance of beating Tom Barrett or not, Tim John is certainly worth checking out, especially his YouTube channel.


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2 thoughts on “Tim John: the other Democratic gubernatorial candidate!

  1. Actually all of the ‘underdog’ candidates have been getting short shrift in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…not just Tim John. Other than included in the synopsis on the 4th District campaign, I haven’t seen any mention of Paul Morel. Other than off handed comments at the end of articles about being the underfunded opponent of Ron Johnson, I haven’t seen anything on Dave Westlake. How many candidates are running for Lt. Gov on each ticket? Nada!!!! I am not looking for ‘equal time’ but a serious profile or interview with each candidate would certainly be appropriate before the primary. And before the general, maybe they can throw a bone Todd Kolosso’s way???

  2. cant upset the king sensenbrenner, what do you think this is a free and fair press in a democracy?

    PS; the Janesville gazette is like a branch of the paul ryan campaign.

    PSS why not equal time to all?

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