Time for Obama to step up

I wrote last week, about the brilliant piece by Jane Mayer, explaining how two of the richest men in America are pulling the purse strings and controlling the republican party(and the “tea” party).

Today, one of the best columnists in America, Frank Rich, gives us his take on the Koch Brothers, and ties it into a failure on President Obama to take the Koch Brothers head on, as some of his predecessors have in the past…

When wolves of Murdoch’s ingenuity and the Kochs’ stealth have been at the door of our democracy in the past, Democrats have fought back fiercely. Franklin Roosevelt’s triumphant 1936 re-election campaign pummeled the Liberty League as a Republican ally eager to “squeeze the worker dry in his old age and cast him like an orange rind into the refuse pail.” When John Kennedy’s patriotism was assailed by Birchers calling for impeachment, he gave a major speech denouncing their “crusades of suspicion.”

And Obama? So far, sadly, this question answers itself.


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