A little more on the alleged voter caging effort

Yesterday I noted an alleged effort on the part of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Americans For Prosperity, and the GrandSons of Liberty, a tea party group here in Wisconsin, to engage in a practice known as “voter caging,”. After the allegations became public, the GrandSons of Liberty issued a press release dismissing the allegations and dismissing any racial motivation behind the discussion to engage in practices remarkably similar to voter caging, but as has been noted elsewhere, it certainly seems more than a random coincidence that the groups chose Wisconsin’s 16th Assembly district — an inner-city Milwaukee district that is heavily Democratic (PVI +35 D) and majority-minority — for their July Americans for Prosperity-financed test run.

If these groups really weren’t trying to disenfranchise voters who support the Democratic Party, then why wasn’t a more conservative district in Milwaukee County – perhaps the 21st Assembly District – chosen for the test run?


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6 thoughts on “A little more on the alleged voter caging effort

  1. Read the transcripts to get the full picture. Nobody was targeted due to anything. it is an across the state project. Quit making claims based on what YOU are guessing to be true.

    Zach, don’t stoop to the level of this OWN guy. He spends 100% of his time attacking conservatives. NOBODY is trying to stop anyone from voting. There is nothing wrong with legally trained Poll watching (done by Dems & GOP) and cleaning up our screwed up rolls. That’s what they were discussing if you read the transcripts, but of course OWN assumed people would not, hence the accusations. They were also giving examples of past experiences at the polls, NOT what they were going to do exactly. Sheesh.

    I am listed twice for gosh sakes because they don’t fall off when you move! WI has one of the highest incidences of fraud in the nation and you can verify this with simple research. The freakin race card is NOT going to work anymore!!!

    1. You say no one was targeted, but why is it that the only districts that were targeted to be sent these mailings were heavily Democratic leaning districts that were either majority minority or a majority of students?

  2. HUH, can you give us some examples of voter fraud in WI? I know JB put it as a high priority in the last election and I believe prosecuted 11 people. 7 of whom were felons and didnt know they couldnt vote(and should of been able to).

    If there is no racism here, why would the first district they care about be a heavily minorty inner city Milwaukee district? why not oostburg?

  3. Prooud progressive- You just pointed out why it’s obvious these people are LYING when they say they just want to “preserve the integrity of the vote.” If that was the case, they’d 1. Locate in every corner of the state to ensure uniformity and 2. Certainly not talk with any political party about coordinating strategy.

    It is a disgusting and racist tactic, and needs to continue to be brought to people’s attention. Any other justification given is insulting to our intelligence. And the “win by any methods” mentality of the average Republican is why I’ll never vote for those sickening fools. Maybe J.B. should have been doing his J-O-B and been investigating a DA for misconduct instead of trying to score lame political points with white flighters in Hartland.

  4. Maybe J.B. should have been doing his J-O-B and been investigating a DA

    I like that line and am going to borrow it!

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