Dave Westlake: The Flintstones had it right!

In an interview with Madison’s 27 News, Republican U.S. Senate candidate made it clear he believes the Earth is only thousands of years old, not billions, as is widely accepted by science, saying, “I believe in creationism; I just happen to believe we were created the way we are.” Here’s the rest of what Westlake had to say during his interview with 27 News:

When asked if the earth was around 6,000 years old, as some creationists believe, Westlake said, “That’s probably a general timeline. There are very solid supporting evidence out there, or data out there, that shows that it’s very reasonable to expect that it’s not nearly as old as science says it is.”

Clearly, Dave Westlake believes The Flintstones had it right…after all, it’s not at all implausible to believe dinosaurs and man roamed the Earth together.

Man and dinosaur roaming the Earth at the same time….sounds kinda far-fetched to me. While I certainly believe that some divine spark created the heavens and the Earth, I have a hard time believing everything happened just 6,000 years ago, especially in the face of scientific evidence to the contrary.


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10 thoughts on “Dave Westlake: The Flintstones had it right!

  1. Oh my my what a “tolerant” bunch you are of cherished religious views. Especially from one who wants to be governor and represent all of Wisconsin. A little hint: you don’t win votes by calling a good number of your potential constituents narcissistic.

    But tell me what on earth does this have to do with being a U.S. Senator? You might think Scientologists, Mormons, etc. have some wacky beliefs but are you saying that disqualifies them from holding office?

  2. Would you think that a voiced belief that the US Government was behind 9/11 would have any effect on someone being a Senator? How about if someone was a devout Atheist? or a jehovahs Witness? What if they swore they saw Bigfoot? Or that we didnt really walk on the moon? would any of those things disqualify someone?

    1. Well some of those things are not like the other. If someone believed that our government was behind 9/11, that is a POLITICAL issue and if a candidate took that stance I would think they did not believe much in the integrity of our government. Same for the moon landing. You would have to believe our government is capable of perpetrating diabolical conspiracies and hoaxes on the American public.

      I wouldn’t care if someone was a devout Atheist, unless part of their platform was to be malicious against religions. Same for Jehovahs Witness. Why would I care about that? Except for the fact that I think they don’t vote or participate in politics, so probably wouldn’t be running in the first place.

      As for seeing Bigfoot, that’s a bit different because Westlake isn’t saying he actually witnessed the creation. I probably wouldn’t have a problem if someone said they believed in such a creature existed or believed in life on other planets, but that’s far different from saying that they had been abducted by aliens.

      Are you equating these things with the belief in creation? JFK was Catholic. Last time I checked Catholics believed in miracles and receiving the actual body and blood of Christ. If you don’t believe that and JFK did, would you not vote for him or should that disqualify him from office? Some people believe in ghosts. Some people believe the world will end in 2012. Or deja vu. Or that they will win the lottery.

      SO. WHAT.

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