A common talking point in the Cheddarsphere and the right wing echo chamber from the local right wing bloggers, , to Drudge showing a pic of the Senator, with the headline \"skipping obama…again\".

This from the Junior Senator from Wisconsin himself.

Russ Feingold Great day to be in Wisconsin! I made it! Finished voting and am proud to join President Obama at my alma mater.

yet another right wing talking point proven to be false.


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7 thoughts on “DOH!

  1. Well it’s not much of a talking point when it was Feingold and his own staff who said he would not be at the rally. I don’t suppose a few days’ worth of national media crticism led him to change his mind. But yeah sure it’s the GOP “proven” false again. Whatever.

      1. Well for one, Russ Feingold himself: “The Washington Republican hacks said that I didn’t want to be here today. The national press just ate it up!”

  2. The point is, it was a non story if he was there or not there. Many senators would of skipped voting that day to be with the president of their own party, especially in a re-election year. Senator Feingold took his duties as a Senator seriously, and spent the day doing his jobs then flew home.

    The right wing made a huge deal when he missed him on Labor Day as if he was avoiding the president, and they couldn’t wait to jump on the same non story.

    1. Well he or his staff could have said “we’ll try to make it if voting gets done in time.” But at first it was a “no” then all of a sudden he does a 180. When did he buy his plane ticket?

      And yes, it IS a story. If Feingold says he is not joining the President in his home state, that’s a story and we have a right to discuss it. It was a story when candidates were running aways from Bush in 06 and 08, so why isn’t it a story in 2010 when it is Obama? I think the Labor Day excuse was even more flimsy. He definitely could have made time for him that day.

      Notice that yesterday Russ said his peace and got off the stage ASAP. No photo op arm and arm with Mr. Hope and Change. That would have happened if Obama’s approvals were at 50+%. It very much IS a story even if you don’t want it to be.

  3. Well voting finished early so he was able to make it. We saw with the crowd that Obamas approval rating is just fine in WI. Whatever Obama does he is still the most popular politician in the country.

    The story is two fold:

    1. the repubs have nothing on Feingold so they are desperately trying anything.

    2. While Senator Feingold was in Wisconsin meeting the people, where was ROJO(a little teaser for my next post!)??

    1. Um, the UW-Madison campus, or even Madison, is not indicative of where Obama stands in the state as a whole. Obama is the most popular in the country? What reality do you live in?

      1. Feingold and the libs are the ones who are desperate. Lagging in every poll by wide margin and all you have to do is react to a Mark Belling talk show topic.

      2. What people was Feingold meeting? Out of state college kids with rich daddies?

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