Feingold agrees to six debates, how many will his GOP opponent agree to?

Last month I noted the general unwillingness of candidates for elected office to engage each other in debates, so I was happy to see Sen. Russ Feingold has agreed to six debates with his Republican opponent in the general election. While Ron Johnson’s PR flack has said Johnson is focused on winning the primary and won’t address the topic of debates in the general election, I’m betting Ron Johnson and his handlers want no part of any debates with Sen. Feingold in the general election, so I wouldn’t be shocked if Johnson and his campaign wanted the number of debates between Feingold and Johnson to be a number somewhere between zero and two.

While there’s been no word from Dave “nominal opposition” Westlake on whether he’d agree to six debates with Sen. Feingold, I’m betting he’d agree to do a hundred debates against Sen. Feingold if Westlake happens to win the Republican primary.

So in the interest of getting your thoughts, here’s a poll. Let’s try and predict the number of debates we’ll see between Russ Feingold and his Republican opponent in the general election:

[poll id=”12″]


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