Gun dealer packing heat shoots man after bar argument

Mix a gun dealer packing heat, a bar, and an argument, and this is what you get:

At about 11:15 p.m., Pfeifer said Hvizdak came outside onto the deck and began speaking to TenPas.

“He said something to Jason. Jason took offense to it and stood up,” Pfeifer said, adding that it appeared TenPas made a sweeping motion with his hand, as if to push something out of his way.

Pfeifer said he did not hear what Hvizdak said to TenPas.

“I heard a ‘pop.’ I was thinking it sounded like a cap gun,” Pfeifer said. “I saw a flash and then I knew it was a gun.”

After the second shot, Pfeifer testified that he saw that Hvizdak was holding a three-inch silver handgun. He fired again and as TenPas fell to the floor, Hvizdak fired a fourth time into TenPas’ head, he told District Attorney Joe DeCecco from the witness stand.

This is precisely why putting more guns into the hands of citizens isn’t necessarily the greatest idea ever.


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