Honor and Dishonor in the Senate on DADT

John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell and all the other lying sacks of poop, and unpleasant homophobic geezer Senators in the U.S. Senate should be shamed for their dishonor of the thousands of gay and lesbian soldiers who have served honorably in the U.S. Military and ~14,000 who have been discharged after costly witch hunts.  These men don’t understand the term “quote” honor and clearly don’t understand the reality of how this policy is being carried out today.

On the other hand we have Senator Al Franken who rightfully acknowledges the service of gays and lesbians and the will of the American people.

For those of you who have a scintilla of respect for the rights of others and for an end to the divisive politics of the GOP, this despicable behavior by the Party of NO is enough to say don’t vote for any of them.  When even “quote” moderate Republicans like Olympia Snowe (ME), Susan Collins (ME), Scott Brown (MA) are so whipped by the “quote” closeted Mitch McConnell to vote in lockstep with the far right Republican party then you can see what a vote for Ron Johnson or Rand Paul or Christine O’Donnell or Marco Rubio or Sharron Angle or Joe Miller or Carly Fiorina or Dino Rossi etc. would mean for the country.  When Lady Gaga has more emotional intelligence and rational arguments for change then elected Senators you know the country is in trouble and will be even more so if we vote in more Senators following the idiots on the right.

It’s time for the “fierce advocate” to come out swinging against these geezers of doom and to stop all discharges in the military executed under the unconstitutional DADT law.

It’s time for progressives, independents and moderate Republicans to say enough is enough – we want the GOP to get to work on solving issues not dividing the country further in their lockstep march to the right.

Showing how out of touch, homophobic and hateful they are, an aide to GOP Senator Saxby Chambliss of GA is being investigated for posting “All faggots must die” on the gay oriented blog Joe. My God according to the Raw Story.

Not to be left behind “quote” pretty boy Anthony Perkins of the Family Research Council jumped on the hate-filled fundraising bandwagon as he chortles his way to the bank with a “send money” pitch on the back of this latest defeat to the elimination of DADT.


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7 thoughts on “Honor and Dishonor in the Senate on DADT

  1. No problemo. It made me look again to make sure I had included him in the potential freshman class of failures looking to take their idiocy to the Senate.

  2. shitty situation I know but… omgMajor Almy seems like a very likeable man. I like his style of speaking. It’s very interesting the see him and McCain side-by-side on the screen with McCain out of control and the young man speaking calmly with the very direct and quiet manner. IN these days of screeching idiots, I have to say I am always SO thrilled to see anyone who is “channeling” my ultimate hero – Atticus Finch. 13 years in the military, the guy has stamina, i hope he keeps moving forward with this. Maybe he can run for office someday, so well-spoken.
    lol I know I’m getting old for sure now, I’m actually going into raptures about “oh what a nice young man” the way old ladies do

    did that author actually say
    Sacks Of Poop?
    say it ain’t so!

  3. The contrast between McCain and Almy is shocking. It shows what dangers McCain could have placed America in if he had been President. It also shows why he is no longer fit to hold the office of Senator of the United States. A man who sticks his head in the sand and basically says na na na na poo poo about what is really going on in the military’s treatment of its heroes doesn’t deserve to be in the seats of power anymore.

    Believe it or not I did say sacks of poop… 😉 I was sputtering when I wrote this one, so I refrained myself from using the big adult words…., but na na na na poo poo is right up there.

    Thanks for commenting.

    Nevermind that this amendment was rolled into a bill with a bunch of other stuff, including a provision about illegal immigration!?! Yeah I’m sure this wasn’t done for political reasons 2 months before an election.

    If it’s so important why don’t your heroes like Al Franken bring it up as a stand alone bill and pass it?

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