I really really really want to like Dave Westlake…

I just wish he wouldn’t make it so hard. I have never met Mr. Westlake, and he seems by all accounts to be a very nice person. I also fully respect the campaign he has run(although I dont understand how he can do it), but getting out and meeting people and being willing to give interviews or talk to anyone has to be commended. I just wish he wasn’t totally insane.

I was trying to catch the weather tonight on my local newscast and up pops Dave with less of an understanding of science than my soon to be 2nd grader.

– Dave Westlake, a Republican running for U.S. Senate, says creationism should be taught in Wisconsin schools and that the earth is thousands, not billions of years old.
When asked if the earth was around 6,000 years old, as some creationists believe, Westlake said, “That’s probably a general timeline. There are very solid supporting evidence out there, or data out there, that shows that it’s very reasonable to expect that it’s not nearly as old as science says it is.”

Im guessing he is basing his “theory” on the Pet Dinosaur that his great great great great grandfather used to have as a pet maybe?

Then as if that was not enough he comes up with this lunacy

Westlake called for the elimination of the U.S. Department of Education, and said states and local school boards should determine a district\’s curriculum.

The sad thing is he might be the most intelligent and sane republican in our state that is running for office.


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15 thoughts on “I really really really want to like Dave Westlake…

  1. Nice illustration. I can’t imagine why people think proud progressives such as yourself are intolerant of christianity while pretending to preach tolerance.

    1. I’m a proud progressive, and I don’t consider myself intolerant of Christianity (though you probably think otherwise).

      1. No I don’t think otherwise. I wasn’t including you. But then you didn’t post a picture of Jesus holding a dinosaur.

          1. Remember when Mohammed was pictured in an editorial cartoon and some Muslims made death threats against the newspaper. I know all religions are created equal, but all I did was say the picture you posted was in poor taste. Maybe you aren’t intolerant of Christianity as you see it, but you sure don’t seem to respect Mr. Westlake’s beliefs.

            1. That is apples and oranges now. I am not intolerant of Christianity I try and practice it myself. I am however intolerant of his belief yes. I dont consider his belief and christianity the same. I am also intolerant of someone like Juliane appling who hates in the name of God. etc…

              1. And believing in creation hurts who exactly? Why are you intolerant? How is this even relevant?!

                1. I personally want my elected representatives to be sane and have at least a minimal grasp of the issues. Who gets hurt by his beliefs, I guess that depends on if he gets elected and then pushes his beliefs on his constituents in terms of legislation.

                  As for Mr. Westlake, if he doesnt eat shellfish, refuses to wear poly/cotton blends, and has never cut his hair, then I will respect his beliefs as true and not just pandering to his base!

                  1. So a belief in creationism qualifies as insanity to you? Why? Because it is based on faith? I am not going to question your faith but you say you attend a Catholic church almost every week. A fundamental of Christianity is that Christ rose from the dead. In fact, without believing that, there isn’t much point to Christianity. Now all science would point to that impossibility — everybody dies and no one is capable of making himself alive again. So, are all Christians insane by your definition?

                    1. Interesting point Forgot I will concede that. Although believing in a miracle, is a bit different than saying that there is evidence to suggest the earth is only 6000 years old. I guess it depends on if you believe everything in the Bible is the absolute truth or a bunch of parables meant to prove a point.

    2. Intolerant of Christianity? No. Intolerant of theocracy in any form, or religious meddling in matters of government that should be decided based on reason and logic and not quotes from ancient books? Intolerant of people trying to re-write history to justify this theocratic assault on freedom, equality, and justice by re-defining our country into the Christian States of America? Yes.

      Religion as a means to live ones own life I have no problem with, provided it isn’t used as an excuse to go after others. Religion as an excuse to go after others, including religion as an excuse for malicious legislation, I most certainly do have a problem be it Islamic, Christian, or whatever! Often theocrats no matter the religion will say there is no value in any law without God’s approval, as if without their holy books they’d see nothing wrong with raping children or any other hideous crimes. Obviously morality exists with or without adherence to these holy books, and it’s a lot harder to legislate bigotry without arbitrarily quoting religious passages.

      I don’t know whether there really is a God, but I do know I don’t want arbitrary religious “values” being legislated into law. I lump intolerant atheists that would want to outlaw religion right with the theocrats. The thing is the vast majority of atheists believe in freedom of religion, and the theocratic right is actively trying, with some success unfortunately, to use their faith as a weapon to subjugate others under the law.

      1. Also, being intolerant to the idea of quoting an ancient book in public schools as if doing so is science isn’t intolerant to the idea that this book is holy to some, rather it is a respect for using reason and logic and the scientific method to study the world. Saying “The Earth might just be only 6,000 years old because this book says so!” does not belong in any science book any more than a quote saying “The seasons may be due to Demeter’s mood!” does. The difference? One of those religions is still popular today and the other is not.

        I hope Jesus saved us all, but acting as if this is some kind of scientific theory is insane. Objectively I know darn well if I was born in another part of the world there would be some other teachings or books that would be considered the answer to everything.

  2. I am not the least bit intolerant of christianity as I attend my local Catholic church almost every week. What I am intolerant of, is when the inmates try and run the asylum.

  3. From my perspective in a science field and a religious man, it takes more faith to believe in macro evolution than a Divine Creator. I just cant leave the human race to chance.

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