JFK led the way…

With the, hopefully, soon to be Bush tax cuts for the rich about to sunset, many of our friends on the right LOVE to say why don’t you want tax cuts like JFK did? So I thought I would examine what JFK actually had to say! \

In his third debate with Richard Nixon, on October 13th, 1960 he used the following words:

Third, I think it’s possible to gain a $700 million to a billion dollars through tax changes which I believe would close up loopholes on dividend withholding, on expense accounts

.(while he advocated lowering the actual tax rate, he wanted to close loopholes, effectively raising taxes). He was not done yet though he went on:

So in my judgment we would spend more money in this administration on aid to education, we’d spend more money on housing, we’d spend more money and I hope more wisely, on defense than this administration has done, but I believe that the next administration should work for a balanced budget and that would be my intention.

(He wanted to spend his new found money, based on his tax increase for the rich, wanted to spend the money on education, housing, etc…).

As JFK also said:

Mr. Nixon(and the right wing) misstates my figures constantly, which is of course his right, but the fact of the matter is here is where I stand and I just want to have it on the public record.

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