Koran Burning Day Ad

Here’s a humorous look at far right Christian Pastor Terry Jones’ “Burn a Koran Day” scheduled for September 11th in Gainesville, FL. The Pastor is planning to proceed with his anti-Muslim action even following blistering attacks about the danger his actions could create for American troops and American foreign policy from General Petraeus, Attorney General Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Not too surprisingly, leaders in the tea party-addled GOP have failed to condemn this hateful action that has potential to harm our troops.

hat tip to Joe My God

Since I posted this, I’ve seen reports that some within the weak-kneed GOP Tea Party and their allies have decided that it’s okay to go in the water and to protest the Koran burning.  TPM Media had this to say:

We’re cataloguing a slew of generally anti-mosque folks who are today coming out against that nutso church’s plan to hold a Koran-burning festival on 9/11. So far today, Haley Barbour says it’s not a “good idea.” John Boehner says it’s “unwise.” And now honorary Republican Joe Lieberman says the church should “reconsider and drop their plans.”


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6 thoughts on “Koran Burning Day Ad

  1. Anyone who speaks out against this is against the First Amendment.

    I mean if it was fair & accurate to say that of protesters of the downtown mosque it’s no different here.

  2. And just like the protesters of the NY mosque who said that Muslims should be respectful of the feelings of Americans and move their proposed structure, the protesters in FLA should consider the feeling of Muslims who had no part in the terrorist attack and NOT burn the Qurans.

    Now if they proceed, yes I support their first amendment rights to do so. But I am not paying their fines defying the outdoor burning laws in FLA…

    And I hope Gen. Petraeus is wrong, but I fear that he is right.

  3. Update: this post is completely pointless because virtually everyone has condemned this guy. Nice try trying to put this one on Republicans though. Not sure how this fits the “gays and lesbians” category though.

    This is exactly like the mosque issue. Yes, the first amendment allows such things, but is it in good taste? Even though I guess now it is called off, I find buring the Koran pointless, silly, and offensive.

    On a side note though, the media give way too much attention and overblow things. This is one guy, or at best, a small group that proposed doing this.

    Interesting how everyone freaked out, yet if this guy was burning Bibles and called it performance art, he could probably qualify for a government grant! And Christians would be told by their government to suck it up and take it in the name of free speech.

    1. forgot, for what it’s worth I’d find it equally off putting if the guy was burning Bibles. While it’s certainly a Constitutionally-protected expression of free speech, it’s still off putting.

      1. While both conservatives and liberals denounced this nut, not many liberals condemned NEA grants/GOVERNMENT SPONSORED bigotry and hateful action against Christianity. Sometimes it seems like we’re only encouraging more violence by being more sensitive and held at the mercy of the ones who threaten to blow things up.

  4. Interesting how everyone freaked out, yet if this guy was burning Bibles and called it performance art, he could probably qualify for a government grant!

    No, I don’t think the government gives out grants unless human excrement waste is involved with Christian symbols.

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