One possible positive consequence of a Chris Larson win

In discussing the results of this week’s primary elections, including the win by Chris Larson over incumbent State Sen. Jeff Plale here in the 7th State Senate District, one of our conservative commenters opined that “Chris Larson (if elected) can be a lefty fringe nut in the Senate who won’t be able to work with both sides.” The same commenter added that while Sen. Plale would have been able to work with both parties to compromise on legislation, Chris Larson is going to “sit in the corner introducing bills and resolutions that go nowhere and will contribute nothing.” However, as Steve Walters of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel astutely notes, a Larson win in November could have a far-reaching impact in Madison:

Here’s why the outcome of the Plale-vs.-Larson primary fight is worth watching: Plale has worked closely with Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, who was elected leader by one vote three years ago. Without Plale’s support, would Decker win re-election as leader – if Democrats keep control of the Senate in Nov. 2 general elections and if Decker is re-elected?

If Chris Larson’s election to the State Senate will help change the direction of the Democratic caucus back to the party’s progressive roots, then Chris Larson’s election will have had an unintended – but certainly not unwelcome – side effect.

As usual, xoff has his own take on this.


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