Only 249,999 jobs to go

Scott Walker has promised that when elected governor he will develop 250,000 jobs for those of us who live in the State of Wisconsin. Well here’s the first one: The White Tail Deer Trustee!

And here’s why we need one:

“Scott Walker, Milwaukee County executive and candidate for governor, today announced his plans to name a ‘Whitetail Deer Trustee’ to “take the politics out of the forest and put the deer back in.” Walker announced his pledge to put more deer in the forest by bringing in an independent third party auditor (Whitetail Deer Trustee) to monitor the health and population of the deer herd. Walker also unveiled his DNR policy before purchasing his hunting license at West Town Archery.

“Like most sportsmen, I’m tired of sitting in a deer stand all day and not seeing any deer,” said Walker. “As governor, I will name a ‘Whitetail Deer Trustee’ to monitor the health and population of the deer herd. That way, we take the politics out of the forest and put the deer back in.”

Walker continued, “I believe that Department of Natural Resources has lost the trust of Wisconsin sportsmen. To restore confidence, I will also require more transparency and accountability while ensuring decisions are based on objective science and the best interests of the taxpayer and license payers. The DNR should work for us, not the other way around. As governor, I will ensure the DNR becomes an ‘opportunity’ agency, giving job creators the opportunity to grow, sportsmen and women the opportunity to be heard and not ignored, and all Wisconsinites the opportunity to enjoy our state’s abundant natural resources.” ”


” Whitetail Deer Trustee for Better Deer Herd Management
We must establish a healthy deer herd for us to hunt now and more importantly for future generations of hunters. First, I will appoint a Whitetail Deer Trustee, an outside independent expert to revise our deer counting system. Second, policymakers in Madison must recognize that our Chronic Wasting Disease efforts aren’t working and shift to a strategy that makes sense for our hunters. Third, our state should return to traditional hunts – enough with T-Zones and Earn-a-Buck – making Wisconsin the best place in the nation to hunt white tailed deer again. Finally, Wisconsin must be allowed to manage its own wolf population free of outside interference.”

One thing that I’d like to say…coming from a family of hunters and having grown up on a farm…sitting in a deer stand waiting for a deer to wander by is NOT HUNTING! That’s how city folks hunt.

And this smells like more jobs too…but how’s he going to pay for this? More taxes? Higher license fees? He hasn’t said yet…

“I will require the DNR to:

•Effectively manage game and fish habitat based on proven science to provide a sustainable abundance of these renewable resources for all of Wisconsin’s citizens.
•Allow increased access to state lands for forest management and all of Wisconsin’s citizens.
•Implement simplified and understandable regulations.
•Implement a fair and common sense permitting process, requiring all permits to be processed in a reasonable and predictable period of time.
•Discount the permitting fee for permits not processed in a reasonable amount of time.
•Require annual audits of our fish and wildlife accounts to ensure that we are prioritizing expenditures and getting maximum value for the taxpayers’ money.
•Use a balanced and science-based approach to protect our lakes, rivers and streams from invasive species.”

“Making Your Voice Heard
To ensure the DNR governs in the people’s best interests, I will require them to listen to you. Specifically, I will create Governor Advisory Groups consisting of everyday sportsmen, conservationists, business owners and rank-and-file DNR employees to advise me on new and existing regulations and practices”

Sounds like more government to me…hmmm.


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1 thought on “Only 249,999 jobs to go

  1. I grew up in a farming family too, and hunted ’til my early ’20s. Probably will again. And I readily admit I have no clue what’s up with the deer herd. I’m not sure the DNR does either because politics gets involved. Let the scientists do the deer v. wolf counts, the road kill exams, the crop damage reports, and keep the “interested parties” out.

    I think the deer issue is a winner for the Dems; the Repubs are so weak on science. Their anti-intellectualism flabbergasts me. For cryin’ outside, my parents worked long hard hours so I could go to school and make something more of myself. Doesn’t that count anymore?

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