Rebecca Kleefisch: Jews aren’t qualified to be governor

Watch and listen as Republican Lt. Governor candidate Rebecca Kleefisch keeps it real while explaining that Jews (or Muslims, or Hindus, or anyone else who isn’t Christian) aren’t qualified to serve as governor of Wisconsin (starting about 28 seconds into the video):

H/T to The Brawler.

Ed. Note: I’ve edited the original entry to include not just Jews, but Muslims, Hindus, etc., since they’re all non-Christians.


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42 thoughts on “Rebecca Kleefisch: Jews aren’t qualified to be governor

  1. She didn’t say that. Expressing a positive doesn’t equal an implied negative. Saying “I like warm sunny days” doesn’t mean you hate cool autumn days. Also, would you criticize a woman for saying that her gender would be a positive qualification for the job…as did Hillary? Was Hillary saying men aren’t qualified to be President? Of course not…but, hey…whatever you got to do to justify a slimy blog headline, eh Zach?

    1. If she wasn’t excluding men of non-Christian faiths, then why didn’t she simply say, “a man of faith” as her top qualification?

      1. I don’t know why she didn’t say it in those words…but you claim to be a mind reader and want to proclaim her to be an anti-Semite based on that. What insight do you have into her character that justifies your assumption?

        You’re just looking for a cheap headline. Are you auditioning for a job at One Wisconsin Now?

        1. Uh, I don’t recall ever writing that Kleefisch was an anti-semite; I was simply pointing out what she said.

          And as for your first comment about my “slimy blog headline,” you’d know a lot about slimy blogs, given your association with Badger Blogger.

          1. Uh, I don’t recall ever writing that Kleefisch was an anti-semite;


            Rebecca Kleefisch: Jews aren’t qualified to be governor

            You often do this – make a claim implying something, then say, “I didn’t say that.” Generally it’s annoying and a stretch, but I’m sorry this is just outright lying Zach. The phrase, “a distinction without a difference” comes to mind, but that isn’t even quite right.

            It’s like if I said, Zach thinks black people are inferior. Then, tried to spin it by saying, “I never actually said Zach was a racist.”

            1. So wait….Kleefisch says the governor needs to be a Christian, I point out that I believe that means that Jews or Muslims or any other non-Christians aren’t fit to serve, and yet somehow I’ve called her an anti-Semite?

              Now that’s a stretch.

              1. Well based on the headline, I was expecting the video clip to be a neo-Nazi rally… so yeah, just a tad misleading.

                1. did you listen on and hear the questions that were asked after her opening sermon? (paraphrased) “with doyle having schools teach the history of collective bargaining will you right this wrong?” Seriously?

              2. Saying someone “says Jews are unqualified to be governor” is indistinguishable from saying they are anti-Semitic. See: Definition of anti-Semite.

                1. did you listen on and hear the questions that were asked after her opening sermon? (paraphrased) “with doyle having schools teach the history of collective bargaining will you right this wrong?” Seriously?

                  As for being an anti-semite…she is a politician, they were HER words not Zachs. Maybe she said it wrong, but I cant seem to find an apology anywhere. Nor do I see a ROJO type press release from the criminal preibus(ie what she really meant to say was).

      2. I would say that she said exactly what she meant. A Christian Man. I would guess being the “true conservative” that she is she truly thinks a “christian man” is all that is qualified to be gov!

    2. Several times I’ve said to a woman “You’re sexy when you X” and they’ve replied “Does that mean I’m not sexy when I don’t X?”.

      Perhaps Rebecca has begun an interesting trend in the vice-guv office. Maybe in the future we’ll have candidates who decide the office should become a landscaper for the Capitol grounds, an assistant to Alice in Dairyland, or the official greeter at the Capitol door. They could do anything, right?

    3. Thanks to the Brew City Brawler, we now know Kleefisch really did mean to say that the governor needs to be a Christian, saying, “if we don’t stay Christ-centered, then who are we to say we should lead?” during her opening remarks to the same Tea Party group in the video in my original entry.

      1. There is a common misperception, many times amongst the republicans but both parties are guilty, that politicians are leaders. They are NOT, they are representatives. There is a reason the word “leader” is not in the constitution, because they did not see the politicians as leaders but wanted to make sure they were elected representatives.

  2. Why can’t these idiot politicians just leave religion out of politics??

    “Expressing a positive doesn’t equal an implied negative.” Being christian isn’t necessarily a positive.

    1. What about asking MadCityMan and others to leave sexual orientation of out politics? Why is one topic acceptable and another isn’t?

        1. Way to miss the point. I am asking Anon why he/she thinks religion should be left out of politics, but nothing else.

          By the way, I’m sure absolutely no one voted for Obama solely for the reason they wanted to vote for the first black president. Where was Anon lamenting that we leave race out of politics? For the record, I think we should leave income out of politics so those politicians can’t tax me more. It has nothing to do with who is running for Lt. Gov, Zach.

  3. You know, I hate to go there since it tends to mark the end of productive discussion, but… you know who was a “Christian man”? …HITLER.

      1. I could have also said myself (the real me, not the Greek god I use as a psuedonym) with equal truthiness, but then I wouldn’t have invoked Godwin’s Law. Still, it’s nice to think Rebecca would consider voting for me.

    1. That doesn’t seem to be true, since he replaced Christmas with a celebration of the Nazi state and used it as a propaganda tool.

      ‘Christmas was a provocation for the Nazis – after all, the baby Jesus was a Jewish child,’ Judith Breuer told the German newspaper Spiegel. ‘The most important celebration in the year didn’t fit with their racist beliefs so they had to react, by trying to make it less Christian.’

      Read more:

      1. Anyone can claim to be Christian. Adolph Hitler did when it was convenient. Rebecca Kleefisch does because it is convenient. I cannot imagine why anyone who care that a person claims to be Christian without looking at the policies they support. A self-described Christian who supports policies that are contrary to Jesus’ teachings has a hard time persuading me that she is Christian, no matter how many Christian missionary societies she goes in front of to tell them how very, very Christian she is.

        1. Oh, so now you are calling into question her sincerity as a Christian? What qualifies you to do that? You can’t judge that and neither can I. Exactly what policies does she support that are contrary to Jesus? I don’t think you want to play that game. I know plenty of Democrats who would fit that bill too — Catholics like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy (among others) who didn’t always support their chuch’s teachings as Senators.

        2. Yeah just throw out highly defamatory and baseless accusations and don’t bother backing them up. Real nice.

  4. The rising tide of Christian supremacy is scary indeed. It’s even more scary to see debate here as if it’s sane to say someone isn’t qualified if they are atheist.


    1. Take a look, that works both ways. Look at how often are candidates made fun of for their religious beliefs as a disqualfication. You say it’s not sane to disqualify someone for being an atheist, but there have been numerous posts on here that say a candidate should be disqualified for believing in creationism.

  5. It’s just a little bit fascinating that you make the giant leap to infer Kleefish has something against Jews because of a positive statement she made about Christians, instead of focusing on the very real left wing anti-semitism.

    Hello Rick Sanchez!

    1. forgot…how can you not interpret what she said as an anti-anything-but-christian/man stance?? What if she would have said “white man” instead of “christian man”…would that have been just a positive statement made about white men and not a racist comment??

      1. Oh, you mean like how in 2008 I kept hearing that it was “time we had a black man in the White House.” I guess those were racist comments too, right Anon?

        1. Actually…no…and your example isn’t comparable to my question to you. I answered your question…so how about you answer my question without asking another question?? Had she said “white man” instead of “christian man” would that have been racist in your mind??

          1. Her saying “christian man” indicated that that person would probably share her same values, beliefs, and outlook on issues. If she had said “white man” I don’t know what that would have indicated, other than they would have a similiar physical feature. So the first has some relevance, the second does not. Skin color doesn’t automatically indicate any shared sense of issues, therefore it is an irrelevant priority.

            So yeah if she had said it was a priority to be white, it would be racist, just as those who said it was time for a black president in 2008. Why isn’t it comparable if someone makes white a priority and black a priorty? Either one statement is racist, or they both are. What actually isn’t comparable is your comparison of faith to race.

  6. She happens to be right on the money! Just check out the website and note the extreme praise for Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn. He squandered Illinois taxpayer funds to Jew organizations, and even purchased Israel bonds with taxpayer dollars. Why isn’t the Illinois taxpayer screaming bloody murder? That state is going broke, and Quinn is a Jew. If the tables were turned, the Jews would be screaming “Separation of Church & State” continually over all media outlets. Let the favoritism continue with aid to Israel and Jew interests, while Uncle Sam dies a pauper.

  7. As a Jew, I take her remarks about “a Christian man”as meaning someone who is moral, kind, upstanding, not one who is a member of the Christian faith. I live in NYC, but after seeing how Walker and Kleefisch have turned the state of Wisconsin around, you guys would be crazy to recall them.

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