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As I have stated before, it has been years, maybe since IKE, that republicans have been able to run on ideas and actually win an election. Now the republican party in Arizona is flat out admitting that they can’t win on ideas and are signing up homeless people to run as Green Party candidates. Maybe they realize they are in trouble with Jan Brewers debate debacle(she is now refusing to participate in any more debates), and Sheriff Joe Arpio the racist Sheriff. I do give them credit though for not even hiding their lack of confidence in their own voter appeal.

And just in case everyone has not seen Gov Brewers debacle, here is a behind the scene look at her debate practice:

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Gov Jan Brewer Debate practice


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4 thoughts on “Republican ideas…

  1. We get it.
    Republicans are all bad.
    Republicans can never run a campaign on the issues.

    Seriously, your absolutes are getting really boring – can’t you bring something to the table besides the same talking points from Maddow or wherever you’re getting them?

  2. I got this one directly from the NY Times where republicans are admitting to putting the homeless on the ballots as Green party candidates.

  3. No ideas? How about Reagan and the 1994 Republican revolution, not to mention Bush in 2000. It’s liberals who haven’t had a new idea since the 1960s.

  4. Forgot thank you for some examples. The 1984 election was actually my first election as a voter and thus it is a bit far back in my 18 year old barely caring(at the time mind) so i will have to do some research on that.

    I cant give you 2000 and george bush though. One of the biggest reasons he won was his shadow campaign against McCain in South Carolina where he let the voters know McCain’s wife was a drug addict and he had minority kids. Very Shameful and hardly had to do with any issues.

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