Ron Johnson Counterattack Ad on Feingold Ad

It looks to me like Senator Feingold hit a weak spot in Ron Johnson’s carefully constructed political positioning given Johnson’s recent attack ad in response to Feingold’s ad. Somehow I don’t think this is good politics on Johnson’s part since it just makes the viewer want to ask what were the issues being addressed in this point – counterpoint “tete a tete” confrontation, as they draw their own conclusions on the veracity of the two ads.


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12 thoughts on “Ron Johnson Counterattack Ad on Feingold Ad

    1. I’m disappointed in both of them over this. The mute button has seen much use, regardless of the candidate involved. I like the positive ads that focus on strengths rather than mud slinging like this.

  1. great to see Johnson not letting Feingold get away with lying. Being a beltway clone he has forgotten that we here in Wisconsin have values unlike career politicians in DC. Really have to feel sorry for Russ when you see how out of touch with Wisconsin he really is.

  2. To be fair, Feingold is not doing completely warm and fuzzy political ads anymore. But I think it’s because Ron Johnson is trying to drown him out with bombarding with ads, got to get your game on and try to correct things.

    Johnson is a flipflopper and is just yet one of the poor signs of what the GOP has become. He changes his opinions when it suits him, he back petals on whatever he says. Many can argue that it’s politics nitpicking whatever he says, to a degree I can agree but he has shown time and time again when the going gets tough he is drastically changes what he agrees with to suit his needs. While I didn’t agree with Dave Westlake by any means, he would have been an easily more fitting candidate to go against Feingold.

    The fact is, because of Johnson’s flipflopping? I don’t know what he stands for. All I know about him is he has no ideas, no experience, other than becoming rich on the backs of American workers. I wouldn’t mind Johnson if he outright said he took government loans – that would be just fine. but he’s saying otherwise only pointing out it was from the ‘private’ sector.

    With Feingold I know for fact what he stands for, he has stood strong for Wisconsin and what this country should be. He has done much more and has been paid much less compared to the rest of the members. I know you’re probably aware of his voting record but to repeat what I know:

    The only senator to vote against the Patriot Act in 2001
    One of 23 senators to vote against the Iraq War
    Voted against the bank bailouts
    Wants to end Automatic Pay Raises for Congress
    Voted for a failed amendment that would’ve broken up the largest banks (Brown-Kaufman Amendment)
    Voted for a failed amendment that would’ve closed a loophole allowing credit card companies to avoid state interest rate caps (Whitehouse financial amendment)
    Voted for a failed amendment that would’ve ended $35 billion in unnecessary OIL & GAS subsidies (Sanders amendment)

    I could go on but he has supported Wisconsin’s paper, manufacturing industries, small farmers, the dairy industry – what many define ‘private’ industry. However, he is only one man alone so many Republican and bi-partisan trade policies have deeply hurt the industries that effect our state.

    But in one way, I do agree with parts of the outrage – they should get the deadbeats and greedy individuals out of congress such as Joe Libermann, not people like Feingold. However, I have a lot of faith in our state. I know it’s going to be close, but he said that he has got the strongest response he has ever got in campaigning.

    I think as soon as the hype of the republican primary goes down, the Rasmussen polls will go down a bit.

    1. Well that’s the whole point. For years we had to listen to how Russ is such a nice guy and so decent that he never ran a negative ad. Well it’s because he never HAD to. I’m still not convinced that he never ran in 1998, but that’s neither here nor there.

      Also, what makes Joe Liebermann a deadbeat and/or greedy? Interesting how, out of all the Senators and members of Congress, you chose to mention him.

      1. Liebermann’s history as a senator is … not exactly to the interest of where our values should be in my opinion. I’ve been trying to find some sources and while this link is a little outdated, this gives a lot of my reasons I don’t like him and never have. Especially with the semi-recent healthcare fiasco either and how he successfully held his vote hostage as well out of spite. If you’re well aware, the current bill it is mandatory to buy healthcare. And since there is no longer any public option it means that people who can’t afford to buy healthcare get fined.

        While we can all agree the system is broken, I don’t think the solution cannot be agreed upon by the senators. Most of them are detached from the world we live in because they get paid separately, they get their own social security benefits, they get their own health insurance. He’s pretty much one of them.

  3. what? “Ron Johnson’s loans came from PRIVATE INVESTORS”

    HUD? The City of Oshkosh? what’s that Private Investors stuff about ? The Official sources all say it’s a fact – govt loans at a severely reduced rate, LESS than the non-govt loan rates.

    How can he do that. If it is misleading for Russ to say it was 100 % govt money when in fact the govt pimped RoJos credit, approved the loan, and reduced the interest rate for him but used private funds, so we have a private/public partnership going on here – then it’s JUST AS CRAPPY for Rojo to say it was ALL PRIVATE.
    Rojo is not in the right here. The State Dept of Commerce was involved, and The City of Oshkosh. A Private person could not get those loans and RoJo himself could not get them form his own bank.

    Why does all this matter? is it just mud-slinging?
    It matters because these kinds of “boosts” to emerging business were good for RoJo when he needed them, now that he’s nicely set up, and a millionaire, he seeks to deny others of the same advantages HE enjoyed.
    That is not Free Market, that is protectionist, and elitist. Roll up the Red carpet now, RoJo has entered the building. No one else need apply.

    If RoJo really loved the Free Market, he’d want others to be able to have the same advantages he enjoyed. Suddenly, now that RoJo is sitting pretty – those loans and subsidies are “wasteful liberalism”.
    Yes, Russ is more “Attack-y” than ever before. I expect it all to get much worse. That is the national political climate we are in. And we know who started that (in recent years)
    Limbaugh for sure, and others followed gleefully. Now we have “entertainment” in place of News.
    It’s how conservative people wanted it, so put on your I <3 Joseph McCarthy t-shirt and enjoy.

    1. The loans did in fact come from private investors…the bonds were issued by the City of Oshkosh…but the city had no risk…the advantage was since the city issued them Pacur got a much lower interest rate than if they had issued them as corporate bonds…so yes the funds came from private investors but the company gained a market advantage via lower rates.

      1. How did the city have _no_ risk?

        When their name is on the document, there has to be some risk, even if it is small.

  4. well well well it seems ol russ is backed into a corner… for all of you out there the very blue polling agencies of daily kos/ppp has Ron Johnson up 52-41 that’s 11 points with a margin of error of 4% so Ron could be up 56-37 or 48-44 either way that is a huge lead at this point in any race. To be sure, people of the state are fed up with washington, and now see that it wasn’t all bushs’ fault, but rather the democratic led congress and senate they entrusted with their hard earned money. Get off the blue train the red train is leaving and its seats are filling up fast hop on board, we take converts. If you stay on the blue train you are headed for a November wreck.

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