Sen. Feingold among Washington’s best

Every election year, the folks at survey administrative aides, press secretaries, legislative directors, and chiefs of committee staffs for their take on the best and worst of Congress, and this year Sen. Russ Feingold ranked among Washington’s best lawmakers in a few categories:

  • Lobbyists’ Enemy: First
  • Brainiest: Second
  • Least Likely to Star in a Scandal: First

Sen. Feingold’s rankings in these categories should come as no surprise to anyone.


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2 thoughts on “Sen. Feingold among Washington’s best

  1. Maybe Washington’s best, but not Wisconsin’s best. A braniac who isn’t likely to be caught up in a scandal is all well and good, but he’s still not voting the way I want.

  2. When I explored candidates the very first time I voted Sen. Feingold matched what I believed on almost every issue. I am very proud he is my senator, and I hope with all my heart he gets re-elected!

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