Some post-primary thoughts

Just a few random thoughts on the results of last night’s primary elections:

  • In the Democratic primary here in the 7th State Senate District, Chris Larson beat incumbent State Sen. Jeff Plale, setting up a matchup between Larson and Republican Jess Ripp in November. While I wasn’t surprised Larson beat Plale, I was surprised at the margin of victory for Larson, as I thought the results would be much closer. Ultimately, Sen. Plale was undone by his close ties to corporate lobbyists, and the voters of the 7th District will be better represented in the State Senate by Chris Larson.

  • As I predicted, my predictions for some of the key primary races were way off the mark, especially in the Republican U.S. Senate race, where Ron Johnson beat Dave Westlake by a very wide margin.

  • I’m looking forward to Drinking Liberally tonight. No doubt our post-mortem of the various primary elections will make for some interesting discussion, and if you’d like to join us – along with special guest host Scott Hassett, the Democratic Attorney General candidate – we’ll be at Sugar Maple, located at 441 E. Lincoln Avenue in Milwaukee starting at 7:00 p.m.

  • Finally, I’d just like to say that though Dave Westlake and I don’t see eye to eye on a lot when it comes to politics, I think he ran a heck of a race and has a lot to be proud of, despite his loss last night. Dave is one of the good guys, and I’m glad to call him a friend.

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20 thoughts on “Some post-primary thoughts

  1. yes larson would be a much better dem vote than plale ever was!

    but 1st he has to win again….remember Sen ned lamont? oh wait…..
    one republican told me last night this race moves from a 3rd tier race for them against plale, to a top tier race against larson with his history already front page fodder. she said this will get as much attention/money as vukmir and sullivan.
    which in turn will help Honadel…great win for you Zach. Of course you don’t have to live with Sen Ripp
    as your Senator!

  2. Sherm, with all due respect, that is utter mularkey.

    From third tier race to a top tier race equal to sullivan/Vukmir.

    They must be drinking some serious Kool-Aid.

    You do know that 2 of the 3 assembly districts that make up that senate district (also where the votes are) are 65% democratic districts, right?

    You mean to tell me Republicans think that Oak Creek and South Milwaukee (there are democrats there too) will outpace bayview, Cudahy and the east side?

    Give me a break.

  3. Sherm and DJ

    I can see it being a real Race.
    Especially if what i’m hearing that Plale is talking to steelworkers,etc about going as an indy.

    he’d have a real chance

    Kinda doubt he’d caucus with the Dems either??

    1. It is impossible to get on the ballot as an independent. He would have had to do it in June. You are either making it up, or someone is lying to you.

      1. Win-win for everyone then! Plale gets a better job and Chris Larson (if elected) can be a lefty fringe nut in the Senate who won’t be able to work with both sides. I’m actually glad you guys decided to move so far to the left, because when push comes to shove Plale would have been a player with both sides to work out a compromise on things. Larson is going to sit in the corner introducing bills and resolutions that go nowhere and will contribute nothing. It was very unfair to put the Democrats failed agenda all on Plale’s shoulders, but now liberals will get what they deserve. You’ve got yourselves an irrlevant Senator!

          1. I usually do believe in what is reality. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what comes of the brilliance of Mr. Larson (if elected).

      2. Based on the several thousands of dollars that Plale received from the Waltons (Wal-Mart), maybe he could become a “greeter” at one of their stores. I’ll never know– I never go to Wal-Mart or Sams.

  4. Why wouldn’t he caucus with the Dems? Plale had the party’s support. Larson got direct hostility for daring to run. It was the voters’ choice in the end. And Plale running as an indy is likely to take votes from Ripp as much as anyone else.

    1. That’s probably true – but in a general, where Republicans wouldn’t Republicans be much more likely to vote for Plale as an independent? Given that it would be a general so A. no questionable ethics involved in crossing over and B. no sacrificing other races to cross over. And while Larson would certainly get the majority of active Dems, how many would check next to Plale’s familiar name. If Plale were to run as an independent, I’d think it would at least be close & as an outsider, probably entertaining. That said, as an outsider, I really don’t know the district at all, so I’m just wondering out loud.

  5. Jason

    kinda depends who you consider the party support?

    Isn’t The Governor Still the defacto head of the party? he gave big bucks to defeat Plale.
    When is the last Time Doyle did something Russ Decker didn’t Want ?

    i’m told it may depend on the pro school choice money as to whether they’d back Plale as an Indy or Ripp ?

    Thats why it will be a dogfight…Even if DJ doesn’t think so. Does the Potowatomi/Doyle group have this race marked for more money it will take to win ?
    or was there goal just to beat Plale?

    Revenge is a bitter Drink no matter what way it’s served!

  6. Really guys?

    Doyle and Decker hate eachother and only the fact that Doyle is leaving is going to keep Decker from holding hostage every piece of legislation that Doyle would want after the shennanigans Doyle played in the 7th. Doyle should have targeted Decker and Spencer Black and not Plale for the CEJA failure – it was the failure of Black and Decker (HA) to find acceptable middle ground that killed that bill.

    Trust me, this is now a top-tier race, especially given the strong GOP turnout for Walker in OC, St Francis, So. Mke and Cudahy.

    Don’t forget that while Larson won he did so by getting less votes than Plale did in either of the primaries Plale won. A very small number of Dems determined that Plale had to go.

    If I’m a GOP strategist (and I am not) I am licking my lips at the prospect of Vukmir, Waanggaard and Ripp riding Walker coattails this Nov.

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