The Onion…

Sometimes things happen in real life that if you made it up, no one would believe it. Today that happened, I had to re-check the story to make sure the source was not the onion. It wasn’t, its real, one simple quote speaks for itself!

“If you don’t hold us accountable, we’ll do some real bad things in Washington, D.C.”

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.)!


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4 thoughts on “The Onion…

  1. “Ensign said the bill contains a “huge incentive” for companies to drop employee health insurance plans –and opt to pay the $2,000 annual fine instead. “It’s a lot cheaper to pay that fine every year than to pay for health coverage,” he said.”

    That is exactly what REAL working people I know have been saying privately all year. That is what they are all expecting. But then there is that mandate that you MUST buy insurance??? wtf x 100. You KNOW employers are gonna crap out on you. And after downsizing and cutting wage and benefits these last years too. Now this on the horizon. What the Republicans won’t take away, the Democrats will. But Yay Middle Class and Yay risk-taking “job-creators”. yada yada.

    And by “real” I only mean non-government, non- management types. Labor, not the GREAT AND MIGHTY JOB-CREATING BUSINESS-OWNERS, like not-behind-a-desk-labor. People who might even get dirty at work.
    That’s what they say.
    So a lot of “silent” people are really skeptical over all this Healthcare talk. You just have to wait and see how really screwed you get once the Powerful People are done dickin’ around.


  2. So your point is that he’s admitting what he’ll do?

    “If you don’t hold us accountable, we’ll do some real bad things in Washington, D.C.”

    Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.)!

    We built this country by makings things…Wedid it on the assembly line. And at the construction site.”
    President Barack Obama

    If you’re interpreting we in the first quote as inclusive, then how about those assembly lines our President worked on? Or could it be that in both cases the people are using that word in a larger context?

    Personally, I find it refreshing that a politician is being honest. There couldn’t be a more accurate statement, that without a close eye and accountability, our elected officials in Washington will rob us blind and sell us out for whatever will line their pockets. Hell, they do it pretty badly even with some oversight. Well of course I’m talking about Republicans – the saintly Democrats don’t behave that way, right PP?

  3. Being honest? do you really think he is being honest here?

    I would equate this statement to:

    *”If I have to travel alone to this golf tournament I might be tempted to cheat on my wife.” Tiger Woods.

    * “If they don’t watch us closely, we might be tempted to bet on baseball” Pete Rose

    * “In order to compete in baseball these days, guys might be tempted to use steroids.” Barry Bonds.

  4. The Onion part of this quote is what a total sleazeball Ensign is. He screwed his best friend by bedding down his wife; he got his family to pay the friend “severance” in the form of gifts to each member of the friends family; he arranged lobbying work for his cuckolded friend with clients like Allegiant Air; he lied about all this stuff and he continues to do so to this day. The man is a total hypocrite who has done damage to the Senate and to the people of Arizona. He needs to be held accountable and kicked out of office.

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