The Russ Feingold Cheddarbomb

Feingold's Cheddarbomb
It’s no secret incumbent U.S. Senator Russ Feingold has a tough re-election fight ahead of him, with his multi-millionaire opponent, Oshkosh businessman Ron Johnson, having pledged to spend $15 million of his personal fortune to beat Sen. Feingold. Most polling has shown the race between Sen. Feingold and Ron Johnson to be a close one, and the race may very well turn out to the closest race of any Sen. Feingold has been involved in.
The Cheddarbomb thermometer

To counter Ron Johnson’s pledge to spend $15 million of his personal fortune in order to beat Sen. Feingold, the Feingold reelection campaign is launching their newest fundraising effort, the “15 for 15 Cheddarbomb.” The goal of the “Cheddarbomb” is to match Ron Johnson’s $15 million pledge with the donations of 15,000 grassroots donors in a single day. The “Cheddarbomb” is the Feingold campaign’s first-ever “moneybomb,” and while the goal of having 15,000 grassroots donations in a single day is a pretty ambitious goal, Sen. Feingold’s campaign – and his career as a public servant – has been built on grassroots support from folks like you and I.

Ron Johnson has already spent millions of dollars (over $4 million, to be a little more exact) running negative attack ads against Sen. Feingold, with the latest Johnson TV ad being labeled “false” by PolitiFact Wisconsin, having outspent Sen. Feingold in the process. There’s no doubt that with Ron Johnson as the Republican U.S. Senate nominee we can expect to see even more negativity and attacks from Johnson and his supporters directed towards Sen. Feingold, so it’s critical that we help Sen. Feingold raise the money it’s going to take to counter the negative attacks of Ron Johnson and Republicans.

Here’s more from Sen. Feingold’s “Cheddarbomb” email:

Our goal of 15,000 grassroots supporters is a pretty ambitious one-day goal, but my campaign is built on grassroots support, not on the support of Washington corporate interests. The only way to win this election is by having the strongest grassroots support and the absolute best ground operation. My campaign has already contacted 228,696 Wisconsin voters and opened 22 field offices across the state. The momentum is on our side. We’ll win because we have the best volunteers and supporters, not because we rely on special interests and big checkbooks to help us win.

In fact, in just the past three months, Johnson has already spent $4 million on slash-and-burn television ads. Ron Johnson has millions of dollars to spend on attack ads, but you have a voice and it needs to be heard. That’s why I need your help right now.

This is the first time a one-day online fundraising campaign has ever been attempted in Wisconsin campaign history. I hope you’ll make this “Cheddarbomb” a success by standing up with me today!

Please contribute to my campaign’s “15 for 15 Cheddarbomb” right now and help us reach our goal of 15,000 grassroots donors by midnight tonight.

Ron Johnson and the extremists want to win this election bad. They want to gut Social Security, roll back health care, and hand over our economy to the Wall Street profiteers who got us into this mess in the first place.

I’m extremely proud of my record and I hope you are too. I’ve spent the last 18 years protecting and creating jobs in Wisconsin, creating legislation to help our veterans, and helping small businesses grow. And do you know something else I’m proud of? Every election, I’ve relied on grassroots support – not corporate special interest support – to win in Wisconsin. This race is no different.

This election is in your hands. Don’t let Ron Johnson and corporate special interests in Washington take it away.
Please contribute to my campaign’s “15 for 15 Cheddarbomb” right now and help us reach our goal of 15,000 grassroots donors by midnight tonight.

Thanks for standing with me.

So if you didn’t already click on the two images above to donate to Sen. Feingold’s “Cheddarbomb,” you can click the image below to help make Sen. Feingold’s “Cheddarbomb” a big success.

Click to donate to the Cheddarbomb!


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  1. Rasmussen has RoJo up by 4 points this morning. Throw all the “he’s a GOP pollster” comments this way if you like, but he is very close to calling most elections down to a T.

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    I made an in-depth comment but am now deleting it. Let’s just say I remember Russ very clearly, and I remember a very different definition of “grassroots”. Both Grass and Money are green, that gets confusing, I know.

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