The three stooges

Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy are all set to release a book. Surprisingly it wont be a pop-up book but it is rather childish. It is called The Young Guns. It tells us all about how bad Obama is yet (surprise Surprise) offers up no solutions in return.

The three stooges are so arrogant in their approach to this book, they even made up their own commercial, the only thing missing is (Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk)!

These three are such a joke that Republican commentator Joe Scarborough got a good laugh out of it!

Memo to the stooges, he is not laughing with you, he is laughing at you!


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7 thoughts on “The three stooges

    1. Oh, c’mon, why should that matter? You don’t need to actually have read something to comment on it. Reading an article by a guy – who hasn’t actually read it either – but who read an article by somebody who did is good enough. Reminds me of those, “I’m not a brain surgeon, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night” commercials. I mean Proud’s only 2 degrees of separation away from having read it & that’s virtually the same thing. 🙂

      1. I was merely wondering how he knew it was childish and offered no solutions. I suppose I shouldn’t expect an answer then?

  1. So let me see, Paul Ryan who put out a “roadmap” that leads to major tax increases for 955 of the country and eventually dismantles social security and medicare. He gets many of his ideas from the vastly discredited book, liberal fascism, by jonah goldberg. He regularly attends “tea parties” despite voting for every single major spending bill that left us in this mess to begin with. So now he is writing a book with actual ideas?

    Do i need to read a book on how to be a GM by Matt Millen to know its probably not the best source of information?

    Do I need to read a book on how to win a Cy Young award by Jeff Suppan?

    Do I need to read a book by Richard Nixon on privacy? Or can I very safely assume that there might be better sources of information?

    1. A ridiculous answer to a ridiculous post. I will at least wait until Obama’s next State of the Union address and actually listen to it before I can INTELLIGENTLY comment on it.

  2. Since Ryan has not had an original idea yet, I should take time out of my schedule to read his book, because this time he might of stumbled upon one? As you notice in the post, I am not the only one laughing at him.

    1. You are free to laugh all you want. I’m just saying that if you expect to be taken seriously and offer up intelligent in-depth commentary, then you actually have to at least know what you are talking about with familiarity with the topic at hand. But like I said, if all you want to do is superficially mock the dust jacket, by all means.

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