What’s the Matter with WI?

The latest Rasmussen poll has Senator Feingold trailing by 12%. This absolutely blows my mind given the performance and positions held by Republican Tea Party candidate Ron Johnson. Do the residents of Wisconsin really want to expand the “party of no” and “party of nonsense” with another reliable Mitch McConnell vote or even worse yet, a Jim DeMint, Coburn cohort? The members of this party vote in lockstep and unlike the Democratic Party face significant consequences (unless your name is Jim DeMint) for bucking their party. There is no longer any such beast called a moderate Republican, so we can see where Ron Johnson is positioning himself and how his votes would be against the interests of WI residents, at least those in the middle class and those struggling for a better life.

Here’s the polling data:


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23 thoughts on “What’s the Matter with WI?

  1. Is it October yet? No? Then Razzy’s still in voter suppression/ agenda-making mode. THAT’S what these polls have been all about. Be smart and realize this is a 5-point race either way right now.

    Don’t let them get to you. In the real world (i.e., the unpolled one where most people don’t have land lines and don’t answer robocalls from strange numbers), the message has been getting through in the last couple of weeks, and we will NOT let vapid scum like RoJo knock out one of the few good guys left in Russ.

    Watch the numbers change in the next two weeks, when they have to start going out of their way to find the actual electorate in these polls.

  2. Vapid scum? Nice. No wonder people are turning away. Why don’t you go all Alan Grayson while you are at it?

    Party of NO to big entitlement programs and massive government. For every dollar the government takes from you, they take away a choice that you could have made yourself. Our country was not founded on those principles. If you want European style socialism; it’s still there. NOT HERE. The majority of Americans are not progressives. We are saying NO to the agenda of Barrack Obama!

    Quit fooling yourselves. ALL the polls have Ron ahead. Notice that I do not agree with Feingold WHATSOEVER but I am NOT going to personally attack the man. Sheesh.

    1. I don’t understand your comment. Are you saying you’ll not vote for Feingold? Then let me ask you this: what has Senator Feingold to earn your displeasure? What has Ron Johnson done to illustrate that he will be a better senator?

      1. How about you ask the same of Jake? Huh did a hell of a lot better job about pointing out how he disagreed with Feingold than Jake did. But I guess, name calling is sufficient if you agree with it.

        Sometimes the level of discourse is about on par with the student section at badger games with their ES-FU cheers. Oh yeah, well you’re vapid scum!

      2. Let me ask you this: what has Feingold done to help “those struggling for a better life”? If that’s how MadCity, and maybe presumably you, define a successful candidate, then what has he done? I am sure you define “help” as what handouts he has given, but I’m still curious to hear the answer.

        Feingold earned my displeasure by voting in lockstep for a healthcare bill that for some reason had to be voted on Christmas Eve despite many last minute unforseen consequences. A bill where the federal government requires each and every citizen to purchase a private good — a first in U.S. history. That’s just one example.

        1. You’re right…they should never have required each and every citizen to purchase a private good…we should have gotten single payer universal health care out it!

      3. For one thing Jason, he voted for the HC bill after I called his office more than once to vote no. Sure glad that I don’t work for McDonalds! Russ Feingold is a liberal. I am a conservative. Why in the world would I ever vote that guy back into office? More people are not falling for his “I am a Maverick” ads this year either!

        Ron is not a career politician and stands with me on the issues. Plain and simple. I will repeat myself until it sticks. People DO NOT like Barrack Obama’s agenda. Feingold is on board with this fundamental transformation of America path and we are stopping it!

  3. Sorry “Huh?”, it is you that is off base in your assertion that the majority of us are not progressive. You might want to read up on “generation we” also known as “millennials”. Who are the millennials you ask? An excerpt from the group’s fb page:

    “Millennials are the largest generation in American history. Born between 1978 and 2000, we are 95 million strong, compared to only 78 million Baby Boomers… Gen Xer’s not withstanding.

    WE are independent—politically, socially, and philosophically—and we are spearheading a period of sweeping change in America and around the world. WE are poised to change our nation and our world for the better. We will bring about progressive change that to make the world a better place.”


    Enjoy your “conservativism” now as it is on it’s way out (and good riddance).

    1. Took a break from working on a Friday night to read this. Thanks wes for a great chuckle. Posting a link to a facebook group as some sort of authoritative source, speaking for millions of people. Funny, I’m a member of that generation – but apparently I don’t get the newsletter. Some dorks creating a facebook page or a website to peddle their books don’t speak for me.

      But again, thanks for the laugh.

  4. A lot of people in my area are sick of the damn polls calling our homes right when we’re taking kids to school, going to work or shopping, are making a meal, or we’re actually at work. And yes, we’re planning to vote Democrat.

    Many of us just hang up or don’t answer when we get a weird number. I know I do that on my cellphone and my phone line at home. I get pretty annoyed actually, because I often think it’s an important call then find out it’s this.

    1. But then are only Democrats the ones who are hanging up or not answering? It would seem to me they would do so in equal numbers.

      1. No. Only Democrats are cool enough to have ditched landlines & gone mobile only & only Democrats are cool enough to hang up on the polls. 🙂

        1. Actually, it’s often the age issues and class issues that come into the picture and family structures as well.

          For example, those who are settled and stay at home would likely answer the phone since they’re not such a hair trigger. Not saying this is stereotypical for all people to vote republican, but I do think we are missing a major part of the vote of the younger generation on both sides of the spectrum since a lot of them have school, work, and other activities.

          There are also the people who are so cynical about politics in general that they don’t care to vote at all and keep hanging up regardless of side.

          1. That must be why all the polls in 2006 and 2008 showed Republicans winning. Oh wait, they didn’t.

            1. They did from what I remember? McCain had a pretty good lead over Obama but the numbers adjusted as the elections grew closer.

              1. T – McCain was ahead by 5-6 points in Sept. Right before the market starting crashing. Hmmm I have a conspiracy of my own on that one. I wouldn’t surprised if the attack dogs throw out some major lies at RoJo and Walker right before the elections that can’t be resolved until afterward. Seen it before, so why not now. Look at what they are trying in CA!

                1. Or maybe the working inner city and class finally got counted instead of the suburbs. I’m not saying all suburbs are conservative, my family and I live in a suburb of Green Bay. But many people I know on both sides in Green Bay I know didn’t receive these calls.

                  … You really suggesting those molestation charges were not true for that priest and were all made by the ‘liberal’ media? Look, the closest thing the liberals have to ‘liberal’ media on big time television is MSNBC while CNN is pretty much dead center and Fox News is completely on the right.

                  I hate to say it, but he was defending Father John Patrick Feeney who has a history of this. This isn’t some magical lie made up by the liberal media – he has a history shifted from church to church fourteen times for fourteen years and has repeated charges of molestation. The act said that you should be held accountable if you know about abuse happening – which the Diocese of Green Bay knew.

                  Now, I’m not suggesting that Ron Johnson is outright malicious but I do not trust that type of logic he threw out there by suggesting the whole business will fall apart if there’s a molestation charge and everything ever will be shut down. Not any of us want that to happen to my knowledge, but he was helping them evade responsibility and he chose to step forward and defend the actions and choices of the Green Bay Diocese.

  5. What’s the matter with WI? Answer: absolutely nothing! You say that there is no such thing as a moderate Republican. Are you saying Feingold is a moderate Democrat? No way! He is very liberal. I guess there’s no such thing as a moderate Democrat with the party kicking out guys like Plale. GOP should be moderate, but not Dems? Go figure.

    1. If there’s nothing wrong with WI, then why the clamor to “Take it Back”? LOL!

  6. Oh, I hve a few reasons why I think Johnson is vapid scum. 1. Expanding health options for people is an “assault on freedom.” 2. The loss of jobs due to bad trade deals (which Russ Feingold voted again st) is “creative destruction.” 3. Backing the GB Diocese over molestation victims because he felt the interests businesses and institutions were more important than the interests of people and justice. 4. The way he clearly bought off/ pushed out other people in the GOP primary, and has people like the Kochj Borthers and Sykes/ Belling calling the shots. 5. The fact he feels he needs to read the Constitution because he’s never really looked into that deeply before now.

    All it takes is telling people the truth about RoJo, and the truth about Russ, and Russ wins by an easier-than-you’d think margin. The polls and news networks are going out of their way to encourage RoJo to keep paying them off with ads and free interviews, but ultimately, us in the real world are talking to others, and we know what we’re talking about, and we’ll all vote for Russ.

    Watch these numbers turn around by Oct. 15. Especially as real organizations start polling around here (they haven’t been, and the demogrpahics of the few polls out there have been horribly skewed to the old and suburban).

    1. You just wrote a bunch of propaganda lies about Ron! Especially the part about the molestation case. By telling part of the story or others assumptions, one does not get the truth. People are no longer falling for the dirty tricks. That is what you don’t understand. I was part of the primary process and NOBODY was bought off etc. That is another crap conspiracy theory that only a select few fringe types on our side believe! Enough with all of this already! This is the year that mudslinging is just not going to be as effective anymore. Masses of people have become more informed and our making up their own minds. The polls are networks are continuing to make Ron look good? That sounds delusional. That would mean it is happening in every other state too, unless of course it’s a mass media conspiracy to make the GOP look good…right up until the end.

      Go ahead and fool yourself about the polls. If anything, Ron’s margin will widen. Do you not see it going on all around the country? In all sincerity, I am trying to wake you guys up to what is happening, so that you are prepared for it next month. You are all going to vote for Russ which is your choice, but MORE WI voters are backing Johnson. More people than not, are voting against Obama’s agenda. Russ stands for that. Get government OUT of our healthcare for one thing!!!

  7. I really don’t understand why people are surprised by the poll numbers. WHile Russ has been popular with his base the real people of Wisconsin are not able to identify with his extreme liberal views. He votes lockstep with the Democratic dogma, and the people outside his world of Dane county and the southeast corner just don’t see him as a candidate that works for them……and thats the facts Jack!

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