Rebecca Kleefisch is at it again. She released another ad touting the wonders of 100% taxpayer funded healthcare. The kind of health care that allowed her to be diagnosed, operated on and cured by the best doctors(of her choice) that she could find. She how has the ability to live a long life and be there to watch her kids grow up. All thanks to the taxpayers of Wisconsin. On top of that, thanks to “Obamacare” when the electorate changes and votes out her husband for his extreme views, she will be able to get health care even though she now has a “pre-existing” condition. Despite the fact the republicans would like to repeal this provision also!

No wonder she has been ducking debates. Please send this despicable woman home on November 2nd still unemployed!!!


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  1. I take umbrage at your description of my fellow Oconomowocian (?) Rebecca Kleefisch as “despicable”. For one, Rebecca has put herself in the political arena to improve our state, secondly, she is a long-time observer of the political world, thirdly, she has survived personal travails during the campaign. She is not “despicable” or any other such descriptions. She is a delightful person. I disagree with her politics but relish her enthusiastic fight for improving Wisconsin. We need more Rebeccas and less ignorant language.

  2. I respect anyone that runs for office no matter their political persuasion. As such I somewhat overlooked her gay bashing, he over the top Christian silliness and her ducking of debates. I do not however, overlook someone who almost from waking up from surgery, thanks to the best healthcare money can buy, makes it her mission in life to make sure no one else can have what she had. I am not sure how that is fighting to improve WI.

    So sorry Tim, in my mind, someone who is alive today, and hopefully will be for years to come to help raise her children, to fight so hard to make sure you and I do not have that advantage….well I think the description of DESPICABLE is apt.

  3. I’m sorry but this is too much for me. I don’t like the misinformed information she’s taking saying the ‘government take over of healthcare’. Yes, I understand she had one of the best of quality healthcare and that is wonderful. However the fact she is able to afford the best is one of the biggest things to keep in mind, a lot of us can’t afford that. Many residents in Wisconsin cannot afford this quality of healthcare because they are not in her place in society.

    There’s only one thing I don’t like about the healthcare law currently, and that is the mandatory health insurance by 2014. And that wouldn’t be a problem if our representatives didn’t get into a giant of how grandma is going to be waiting in a death panel due to the word ‘public’ being on healthcare. For one, it wouldn’t be the most severe that would be dropped and abandoned, in fact they’d be the first and get the most intensive care. Elderly would have been number one on the priority along with children. As we can tell in countries like Japan, France, and so it would be the people who have something little that would be pushed aside fore more severe cases.

    Honestly, if America does go to the Tea Party or Republicans? I’m half expecting hatred to rise to a point that they will start actively hurting people who don’t agree with them, and I’m saying this with the national level of hate crimes towards people. Such as the legal Hispanics in Arizona for instance. Heck, it’s disgusting how the people stood against the law outlawing Native American Mascots in the state and when I got harassed on the street by saying “You don’t want to be in our history? How about we wipe you all out for good?”

    It’s really… getting too much.

  4. for*


    Either way, honestly I’m getting so nervous that I feel the tensions with Republicans and Democrats here – if either win? I… feel I’m going to lose. The Republicans will flip out in anger and might hurt people, while if they win? They will be in power to do whatever they want.

    1. Republicans may make gains in November, both here in Wisconsin and nationally, but I don’t think they’ll win big enough to be in charge of the State Assembly, State Senate, House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate.

      1. I’m not sure honestly. That’s logic. People are not driven by logic, they’re driven by emotions most of the time not willing to listen facts because it is a part of the liberal media.

        I realize many of you are from the southern portion of the state, but the northern portion is an absolutely different animal. Particularly, the northeastern portion of Wisconsin. I’ve seen hateful slurs against my tribe, my family has been around to see their crimes be on front page news slandered when that wasn’t the real story. Yes, some of them don’t work and do take advantage of the money we get – but they are a minority within our minority and shouldn’t be painted as the majority.

        I shouldn’t have to be painted as ‘never really trying in school’ despite the fact I went to one of the best public high schools in the state. I should not be painted of never really trying in college when I had to keep a high GPA. I should not have to deal with not actually being ‘talented’ because I’m ‘good for a native’.

        I’m sure I’m not getting any sympathy for anyone on the right because it’s “We go through that victimization too don’t be crying about it!” but it’s a point I don’t know if I can work at my jobs anymore if I feel that someone is going to stop me on the road and gang up on me for it. I felt threatened, I thought I was going to be knocked off my bike and taken into an alley way. I know if I start carrying a weapon on me or spray they’ll spin the story around to just ‘trying to talk to me’.

        I can deal with hatred on forums or online. I don’t like it, but I deal with it. It’s when I’m threatened on a street when I’m riding by it’s a problem.

      2. As we’ve already seen, you don’t have to gain much to control the US Senate…not into activity but to bring it to a grinding halt.

  5. Descpicable is putting it lightly. A friend of mine is the same age as Klee-Palin and also was just diagnosed with cancer. But because she’s an independent contractor and not married to a state legislator with state benefits, my friend is in danger of getting dropped by her health insurer as they try to trump up some kind of pre-existing condition.

    And if this is the “best health care in the world”, why did my friend complain about discomfort for a year before they gave her a biopsy, and why did my co-worker have to go through numerous hearings to have his surgery at UW Hospital because his home one in Janesville wouldn’t treat his prostate surgery? I want to know what Ms. Kleefisch and Mr. Walker have to say to those people, as well as the many others they would cut off. “Oh, sorry?”

    These are the kinds of people who are today’s GOP, and it’s why I don’t vote for them, and why I try not to associate with them, because the stink from that trash eventually floats over to you.

  6. My wife was diagnosed with cancer last year. I currently have what the Obama administration would call a Cadillac plan, I pay over $350 a month on the premium. But with my insurance she was allowed to pick her own team of doctors. She was able to get doctors from three different hospitals, one for the cancer, one for the reconstruction, one for the follow up care plus she was able to ask for a specific anathesioligist who she had for a surgeyr in the past. If she was under the Obama plan this never would have been possible and she would not have gotten the quality of care she desereved. The Obama plan is worng for America there are a few things in it that can be used to rebuild it but the plan as a whole must be derailed and done correctly.

  7. Nota…first off I hope your wife is doing better, the cancer is gone and you and your family never have to deal with that again.

    there are some problems with your post though. It is great that you have excellent insurance but you pay a premium for that. I would say $350 a month is a pretty hefty amount to pay. Rebeccaforreal is in an even better plan, she gets hers paid for completely by the tax payer.

    Secondly, I am not going to pretend I know everything in the Obama health Insurance reform act because I do not. I would bet that very few people in the country do. I would bet even more that rebeccaforreal is not one of them.

    Thirdly the main thing that “obamacare” needed to address was the uninsured. I agree that it could of and should of been a better bill but with 40 million people UNINSURED something had to be done. So Obama took the initiative and with a slightly dem controlled Congress, gave us slight health insurance reform, not the health care overhaul we so desperately need. The truly sad thing about this was that since it had not been addressed before really, this was historic legislation.

    Now bringing it home, had you been uninsured where would you be? Now thanks to “Obamacare”, your insurance, my insurance and rebeccas insurance will never be able to drop us because of “pre-existing” conditions. There will also not be a cap on what they will provide. Two completely basic things that should of been done in 1810 not in 2010. The republicans had 8 years of complete control and did nothing, not even these simple fixes and now want control again? Although to be fair, we say at the “values voters”(term used VERY lightly) that they think these are silly fixes and they should be eliminated. Which explains why they never passed them.

    Anyway, getting Diagnosed with Cancer should NOT be a death sentence, if its treatable(as many are these days). The republicans have proven they have no interest in fixing health care, and I would argue that the more Obama involved the Repubs in “obamacare” the worse the bill got.

    So that being said, kleefisch is on 100% taxpayer funded health care and received great treatment and they were able to remove her cancer! Bravo to them and to her. Then she goes on tv (the only time we get to see her) and says her priority is removing “obamacare”. So telling the people with no insurance or those who got booted off theirs or people who just lost their jobs etc.. to go screw themselves because she will make it so they can never have the same treatment she did.

    I would of had respect for her if her ads were “we think obamacare is wrong for the country and wrong for health insurance and her is what we are going to pass to fix it(followed by some actual ideas). Then I would respect her,

  8. Here is what annoys me about Obamas take over of health care. It punishes those currently with insurance. Cover the uninsured with a government plan but leave those with insurance alone. But that is NOT what this is about it is not about covering uninsured it is abut controlling health care.

    Here is one of the problem areas as I see it. Starting in 2014 a company has to report to the government details of coverage,premium requirements, employer contributions, and number of enrollees to determine if surcharges(taxes) apply. They also have to provide a 1099HC form which reports how many associates had minimal coverage and penalties would apply,

    Now the company I work for has over 23,000 employees and they said that with the current insurance we have the government would call it a Cadillac plan, which means they would pay a 40% excise tax on the plan. Now the way its written now it would be cheaper for the company to pay the penalty for now having insurance for the employees then it would to pay the excise tax because they do.

    Now tell me how I am not going to get screwed by the Obama takeover.

    1. Stop talking about a “takeover.” Obama is taking flak from the Left precisely because he did NOT go to a single payer plan and left the INsurance Industry some leeway to operate. Be honest or just skip a round.

  9. This line “the company to pay the penalty for now having insurance for the employees then it would to pay the excise tax because they do.” should read “…. the penalty for NOT having insurance…..”

  10. With the number one cause of bankruptcies happening because of medical bills and too many people who “have” insurance, then we also needed to make sure and include those who have insurance also.

    As for your specific example, it makes no sense(not that everything that comes from the govt makes sense). I would bet that your company is not being 100% honest with you, or else they dont understand the health insurance reform as written.

    as for the oBama takeover, you know that did not happen. In fact, until we have a full government takeover and get rid of “for profit” health care we will continue to be in a mess.

  11. “until we have a full government takeover” I just give up. When you have people who say this there just is no hope for America. How people can honestly be so dependent on government to live is just shocking, but that is what being a progressive is all about I guess.

  12. Well since every other civilized industrialized country has some form of a single payer health care system we know it works. In terms of your question….

    “How people can honestly be so dependent on government to live?” Because it is not in the interest of the “for profit” insurance companies for people to live. You think Steven Hemsley makes $100 million a year by Covering people? did Dollar Bill mCguire make $1.7 billion by paying claims? How did Nataline Sarkisyan do in college this year? O thats right she is DEAD because her insurance coverage was denied.

    Yes that is what being a progressive is all about….understanding we are in a “we society” not a “me society”.

  13. I also love at the end of this ad, where scott walker pops in the background as if to say”Ok rebecca thats enough speaking now, go back to hiding…”

      1. At least they are seen together, unlike Barret who is afraid to appear with that nobody from Kaukauna.

        Hey. That’s not cool.

        My family and I knew this guy for years and he was polite, knew his stuff, and brought up certain issues that were important. He’s still a really reliable fellow who finds it important to go door to door to talk to people individually over the years. Not just once during campaigning, but several times a year to speak with others.

        He’s campaigning and meeting people dude.

      2. Notalib, why do you feel the need to resort to name calling at every opportunity? Let’s have an honest dialog, with as little name calling as possible. I value the perspective you bring to things, but it’s often lost when you start name calling.

          1. Absolutely no need to apologize. Discussions such as these often get our juices flowing; I just don’t want this to devolve into name calling and mudslinging.

        1. Notalib, why do you feel the need to resort to name calling at every opportunity? Let’s have an honest dialog, with as little name calling as possible. I value the perspective you bring to things, but it’s often lost when you start name calling.

          I agree. But how about some balanced officiating then. She was first called despicable. Called out for the lack of respect it was by Mr. Johns, that language was reiterated – in the typical manner of showing absolutely zero consideration of what his post actually said. And later, “Descpicable is putting it lightly,” and Republicans are trash and stink.

          Absolutely no need to apologize. Discussions such as these often get our juices flowing; I just don’t want this to devolve into name calling and mudslinging.

          Too late. “Discussions” have really sucked lately & there have been dozens of postings I’ve read & clicked to comment on, only to find a threat of vile stuff. I’ve started many replies, only to end up closing the window because I realized it just wasn’t worth it. That re-reading other posts in the thread for things to respond to only made it clear that there was no middle ground, no willingness to actually consider a different point of view.

          1. threat of vile stuff

            thread, not threat.

            A preview button would really make me look a lot less dumb.

            1. I’ll work on that preview button.

              As to your bigger point, I’ll agree we’ve all been guilty of name calling from time to time, and while I disagree with PP’s assertion that Kleefisch is despicable, I’ve read worse name calling from Notalib one more than one occasion. That being said, I’ve spoken with PP.

  14. The Obama administration, aiming to encourage health insurance companies to offer child-only policies, said Wednesday that they could charge higher premiums for coverage of children with serious medical problems. (From todays NYT)

    I guess he just wants to make sure everyone can afford health insurance

  15. Locke, I rarely call names, but this one hits home and I stand by it. I think I answered mr. johns directly in his post as to why I used the term despicable. let me know if you think I didnt and I will clarify.

    1. Sure, whatever PP. You said, “I respect anyone that runs for office no matter their political persuasion” but turned right around & stuck by your “she’s despicable” tag. You don’t respect her – you disagree with her and to you, that makes her a bad human being.

      You right, you’re rarely call names. Unless they’re “teabaggers.” Or Republicans. Or anyone who disagrees with you. But other than that, you’re right.

      1. OK i am not going to keep defending myself after this but I will just say one thing. As a recent cancer survivor myself(this summer), I find it deplorable that she had this life changing event. And trust me it is life changing, and basically got out of the hospital bed and took as her signature issue to make sure that others cant get the same service and care that she had! I am lucky that I had health insurance, if I did not I am not sure where I would be right now. I also now have a “pre-existing” condition that she would like to allow insurance companies to drop me because of. The Health care for me but not for thee belief disgusts me.

        In terms of her wanting to help the people of WI, as they say, with friends like her who needs enemies. So I am truly sorry you are offended locke but we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

        1. She believes the Affordable Care Act and where Democrats want to take health care in America beyond that will make health care worse for many people. You believe it will make it better for most people. That is a is a political disagreement – a difference of opinion. Neither of these are totally unreasonable or indefensible positions. If someone legitimately believes one or the other, that does not make them a horrible person.

          When you disagree with someone, you rely heavily on attacking them personally rather than trying to make your points on the issues themselves. You make up straw men or just blatantly lie about someone’s views. For example:

          “I also now have a “pre-existing” condition that she would like to allow insurance companies to drop me because of.

          Provide evidence to support that claim or admit you just made it up.

          1. locke, you are coming out with her defense like reince. She does not say any of that. She said she we have government takeover of healthcare(not true) and that Barrett wants government takeover of healthcare(also not true).

            As for the evidence, I actually wrote about it recently..

            “It sounds so good, and it’s such a warm message to say we’re not gonna deny anyone from a preexisting condition,” Huckabee explained at the Value Voters Summit today. “Look, I think that sounds terrific, but I want to ask you something from a common sense perspective. Suppose we applied that principle [to] our property insurance. And you can call your insurance agent and say, “I’d like to buy some insurance for my house.” He’d say, “Tell me about your house.” “Well sir, it burned down yesterday, but I’d like to insure it today.” And he’ll say, “I’m sorry, but we can’t insure it after it’s already burned.” Well, no preexisting conditions.”

            While Kleefisch did not say those words, this was from a speech at the inappropriately named “values voters” summit. This is a summit that completley panders to the right wing base. I do not think its a stretch to think that Kleefisch would support the value voter summit, like some of her biggest supporters do(like Julaine appling).

            Not to mention that that provision is one of the keystones of Obama’s health insurance reform.

            1. Locke, you are coming out with her defense like reince.

              You’re really some kind of tool, PP. That appears to be your latest thing, throwing out Reince’s name to attack people. I defy you to find a positive thing I’ve ever said about him. Not that that matters, you’re certainly never troubled by the truth in your accusations.

              So let me get this straight:
              You make something about about Kleefisch.
              I call you out, ask for you to support the claim that she believes what you say she does.
              You respond by quoting Mike Huckabee! saying “While Kleefisch did not say those words…”

              Seriously, have you ever taken a course in logic or reasoning? I don’t know why I bother with you. Whether you’re blinded by partisanship or have some sort of problem processing thoughts in a logical manner…it’s like I’m trying to play chess and you’re jumping all over the board playing Parcheesi.

              1. Locke, i was not inferring that you were a fan of reince, I was saying that you were defending her the way Reince does rojo with a “this is what she meant” story the day after.

                Now honestly Locke, do you think its a stretch for me to equate Kleefisch with the “values voters summit”? Do you not think she would consider herself part of that group? Her signature issue appears to be repealing obamas health insruance reform that she wrongly calls complete government takeover. Maybe during her debate with tom nelson we will get her position clarified.

  16. Nota you took me out of context of course…

    I find it deplorable that she had this life changing event. And trust me it is life changing, and basically got out of the hospital bed and took as her signature issue to make sure that others cant get the same service and care that she had!

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