Another view of the tea party.

This week, The Washington Posts Eugene Robinson, had a different take on the “tea party” candidates than most in the MSM. It was brought on after watching Christine O\'Donnell debate her opponent Chris Coons. He had a few observations that I agree with, and it appears the more people that pay attention, the more come to this same conclusion:

OK, I want to make sure I understand. Two years ago, with the nation facing a host of complex and difficult problems, voters put a bunch of thoughtful, well-educated people in charge of the government. Now many of those same voters, unhappy and impatient, have decided that things will get better if some crazy, ignorant people are running the show? Seriously?

When has there been an election with so many looney tunes running under the banner of one of our major parties?

He also brought up the creation V evolution issue, as I did a while back, except he frames the issue much better than I.

Asked by moderator Wolf Blitzer whether she stood by her assertion that evolution is a “myth,” O’Donnell responded that “local schools should make that decision” — meaning, she explained, that she believes local schools should be able to teach creationism as an equally valid explanation of how we and our fellow creatures came to be.

But it’s not. If you believe at all in science and the scientific method, then you believe in evolution. And if you think it’s fine to deny American schoolchildren basic knowledge that all the rest of the world’s schoolchildren routinely learn, then what use could you possibly be in the Senate? At a time when there is widespread, legitimate concern about American competitiveness in the 21st century, O’Donnell would make our educational system dumber, not smarter.

Check the the full column here.


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2 thoughts on “Another view of the tea party.

  1. I found it interesting that Ms. O’Donnell suggested that Congress keep their nose out of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…they shouldn’t be interfering with the military she stated…yet the Constitution (in which Ms. O’Donnell swears to be a great believer) guarantees civilian control over the military…and she of course also ignores the fact that Congress instituted DADT and would be a logical place to initiate it’s repeal.

  2. Yes its funny how the “tea party” contends to be such followers of the constitution and yet their positions contradict that. However I think the interesting thing here is how the MSM is starting to really take notice of the tea party and not liking what they see.

    I think this is why walker wont let Kleefisch debate, he does not want the same kind of stories being written about his campaign. He says he voted for rebecca but I highly doubt that.

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