Can someone explain what being a “fiscal conservative” really means?

Got a mailer in my mailbox today from far-right Republican State Assembly candidate Molly McGartland, the challenger to incumbent State Rep. Chris Sinicki here in the 20th Assembly District, and on said mailer McGartland makes the claim that she’s a “fiscal conservative.”

See, I always thought of a fiscal conservative as being someone who paid their bills and didn’t live beyond their means, so considering that as recently as July of this year, McGartland had one judgment against her for $720.60 and another for $11,534.43, can she really be considered a fiscal conservative. After all, how can I trust Molly McGartland to spend my (tax) money wisely and keep the state’s financial house in order if she can’t keep her own financial house in order?


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5 thoughts on “Can someone explain what being a “fiscal conservative” really means?

  1. “fiscal conservatism” as we see by such elected officials as Paul Ryan, Scott walker, et all …means if you want it we do not have the money to pay for it, if I want it money is NO object…

  2. I’m not sure what people have in mind when they say fiscal conservative, but I always saw a fiscal conservative as someone who if they do pay for something, they pay for something that will last in the long run and possibly out of their own pocket so that the people won’t suffer with a deficit or burden. They wouldn’t go nuts spending, but they will spend basically to keep the infrastructure safe for future generations while keeping the budget balanced.

    Unfortunately there’s a lot of fiscal conservatives who spend money they don’t have in the first place. So my view is probably moot.

  3. It’s funny that you seem to care more about someone’s personal finances than what they will do with YOUR money. Maybe it has something to do with the ‘R’ behind her name. Because apparently reports of Sinicki’s personal financial problems do not seem to bother you enough to mention here. But more importantly I would ask you, has Sinicki done a good job with YOUR money?

    1. Last time I checked, Rep. Sinicki had long since resolved her issues, unlike Molly McGartland, whose issues weren’t resolved as recently as July. Kinda funny how she cleared everything up once she decided to run for office.

      1. So are McGartland’s issues not resolved or have they been cleared up? I’m confused by your last statement.

        As for Sinicki, that’s great that her issues have been resolved, but didn’t they occur while she was in office? And what’s the difference if and when they have been resolved, they still did occur, which according to you would indicate fiscal mismanagement. Nice try at differentiating the 2 candidates though.

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