Changing of the Guard in Madison…

Today Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, announced she is leaving in April. In a classy move, she announced now, allowing there to be an election for her successor. In my village last year, our president left and worked it so there would be NO election allowing one of the most extreme people to be appointed and avoiding the electorate. The people of Dane County now, will have the benefit of democracy in deciding who runs the county next year! So congrats to all you have done Kathleen and Good Luck in the future!

In a sidenote, this opens the local political floodgates!


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5 thoughts on “Changing of the Guard in Madison…

  1. Odd a Republican governor resigns and the left wing has a meltdown let a democrat quit and its OH WHAT A GREAT PERSON. You guys are so laughable, its like watching a Loony Toons cartoon, just nothing real about you.

    1. Falk’s also been Dane County Executive for 13 years. Exactly how many full terms did Sarah Palin complete as governor of Alaska?

  2. What are you even talking about? No one to my knowledge gave tommy grief for quitting to joining the bush administration.

  3. Unless he’s talking about Sara P in which case, the grief she got was well-desreved since the only reason she quit was to make gobs of money.

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