Even in retirement he is wrong…

George Bush, who was unpopular as a president, has been just as unpopular in retirement. Now he has will soon be coming out with a book on his presidency. That has forced him back out on the speaking circuit where we see WHY there is no demand for his services and why the republicans were not in a hurry to get him back on the speaking circuit.

Monumentally bad timing” was the reaction of one former Bush aide who learned of the book release date. Another prominent conservative compared the Bushies’ public-relations savvy to LeBron James. “Selfish and stupid” was another noted right-wing columnist’s reaction

Dubya gave his assessments of his successes and failures. He listed as his biggest success:

“In terms of accomplishments, my biggest accomplishment is that I kept the country safe amidst a real danger.”(apparently forgetting the signature event of his presidency). Then as if that was not bad enough, he was said his biggest failure was not privatizing Social Security. An obvious “shout out” to Paul Ryan. Since Paul Ryan has been busy lying about his true intentions to dismantle Social Security, I am sure he was not very happy to hear this!

A quick sidenote to this story. Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, author of The Three Trillion Dollar War – The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict, showed how the Bush administration purposefully and blatantly misled the public about how much the Iraq war would cost the taxpayers of America. Now he realizes that he was misjudged the devastation that we have wrought in Iraq and Afghanistan and projects the cost to us as $4 – $6 TRILLION dollars of taxpayer money!

In a conference call with reporters, Bilmes(co-author) said about 600,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have already sought medical treatment from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and 500,000 have applied for disability benefits. That’s about 30 percent higher than initial estimates for care, and could cost the department nearly $1 trillion in costs for the current wars alone.

In Dubya’s jaded world view despite the fact we had the most devastating attack on our soil under his presidency, and he led us into a war of choice that will end up costing us up to $6 trillion dollars(and beyond) and his only failure was NOT privatizing Social Security. These are the policies America wants to return too?


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4 thoughts on “Even in retirement he is wrong…

  1. Its is just amazing that progressives do not get it that this election is not about Bush at all, it is about the failure of the current politicans in DC, both Republicans and dmeocrats, to do what the American people are demanding of them and the failure of a man who whose policies have put this country so deep in deep it may never recover completely from his failed administration. You progressives can keep beating the Bush drum all you want your words are lost on all but a few out of touch progressives. America is about ready to move forward and the progressives ideology is going to become the thing of the past

  2. SO not, let me get this right. The American people want to move forward and move past the failures of politicians on both sides of the aisle. The best way to do this is put John Boehner and Mitch Mcconnell back in charge?

  3. Not the best solution but it will be a start. They will then have the choice of business as usual or start listening to the people, if they contiune with the same old Bush/Obama failures they too will be removed from office and people will be put in place that will do the bidding of the people not of parties.

  4. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rj-eskow/backdoor-bailout-tea-part_b_772352.html

    Your GOP: Sending billions in taxpayer money to rich bankers, and squeezing young people starting out in life. Call it the New Populism.

    Small government? Less spending? The Republican Party’s backdoor bailout of wealthy bankers is bigger than the auto-industry bailout. It’s bigger than the home-loan program. It’s bigger than the lending program for small businesses. And unlike those programs, it serves no social purpose at all:

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