Feingold introduces local TV legislation

Yesterday U.S. Senator (and Packer shareholder) Russ Feingold introduced legislation to help Wisconsin residents living in northern and western parts of the state receive Wisconsin-related television programming, including in-state news, weather, sports and entertainment. Thirteen Wisconsin counties are currently part of television markets in Minnesota or Michigan, leaving over 150,000 Wisconsinites without access to local television programming. The LOCAL TV Act gives the Federal Communications Commission greater authority to change media market boundaries or allow additional in-state signals for individual counties that do not receive in-state television signals.

Here’s Sen. Feingold’s statement about his LOCAL TV Act:

“Most people assume that when they turn on their televisions, they will be able to view local news, weather and sports from their own state. But many frustrated Wisconsinites who live in the northern and western parts of our state have told me at my listening sessions, that is not the case,” Feingold said. “While many cable systems have stepped up and worked with Wisconsin broadcasters to find a way to provide some in-state programming, others such as the satellite providers have not been able to find a solution. The measure I introduced today will give the FCC the ability to cut through the finger-pointing and consider petitions to adjust media market boundaries or allow them to overlap so Wisconsinites can get the programming that matters most to them.”

Sen. Feingold also noted his legislation will help enable fans of the Green Bay Packers to see more of the team’s games during the season:

“As a Packers shareholder, I know that preventing Wisconsinites from tuning into the Packers is plain wrong, and it’s even worse when they get the Vikings instead,” Feingold said. “With the football season in full swing, it is long past time that this problem is corrected so it is easier for more Wisconsinites to watch their favorite team.”


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3 thoughts on “Feingold introduces local TV legislation

  1. Now that is impressive talk about election time campaign Russell has hit a home run here. A regional issue and the Green Bay Packers, still will be too little too late for his reelection but its a heck of a attempt.

  2. Smart media reform is vitally important, yet sadly, it’s not at all a “sexy” campaign issue, save for media geeks like me. That said, widening the airing of Packers games is important!

  3. Speaking as a resident of western Wisconsin, this issue is huge, and not just for Packers games. There are a lot of people in this area who do care about getting Wisconsin news, and who would prefer to see Wisconsin public TV as well. But it is also true that only the Packers fans are likely to be so passionate about the issue that it might influence their votes. I’m always surprised about the weird things that catch people’s attention and influence thier votes, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see this really make a difference in some areas.

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