Fierce Advocate Steps up to the Plate (on one issue at least)

President Obama who promised to be a fierce advocate for GLBT issues like ENDA and DADT has seen his star fall in the GLBT community given the lack of success on these initiatives. His continued use of the Department of Justice to force compliance with DADT and to go against the courts on DOMA have left many in the community quite angry at the White House.

Today he redeemed himself (somewhat) with his video for the It Gets Better Project, where in a heartfelt presentation of his own experiences as an African American minority he speaks to the GLBT youth of America urging them that it does get better.

Kudos President Obama!

Now let’s get Congress into the act by showing the reality of how it gets better through the elimination of DADT, the implementation of ENDA and through greater equality with the elimination of the DOMA law.


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