Now that Larry Summers and Rahm Emanuel, have finally left the White House, it is time to let the sunshine in. Yesterday, the White House released this story.

The most famous residence in America, which has already boosted its green credentials by planting a garden, plans to install solar panels atop the White House’s living quarters. The solar panels are to be installed by spring 2011, and will heat water for the first family and supply some electricity.

It shows that President Obama is listening to the people and without Rahm there running interference, he can hear us a whole lot better!


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6 thoughts on “Finally

  1. But why do you think Rahm was holding up solar panels? As if this were the biggest issue to tackle now that Rahm is gone.

    1. You know full well that’s how it works. They’re gone, so under the bus they go, everything was their fault.

      Whatever you do, the guy who…you know…hired them had nothing to do with it. 🙂

      1. Oh of course! I bet Rahm was behind the idea to make costly changes to all the street signs throughout the nation. (Besides being costly, the feds should never have the power to dictate that, but that’s beside the point.) Bet they are making the new signs in Chicago. Because certainly Saint Obama wasn’t behind it. Rahm is gone, so it’s his fault.

        1. actually i always felt that summers and emanuel were failures in the clinton administration, so I am not “throwing them under the bus” now. I thought they were horrendous hires by Obama.

  2. It was sarcasm and an analogy. As in the two vampires leave the white house and we can now let the sun shine in.

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