Find the Republican in this photo

See if you can find the Republican U. S. House of Representatives candidate in this photo:

Image courtesy The Atlantic

The individual second from the right in the photo is Rich Iott, a Tea Party favorite who happens to be the Republican nominee for Congress from Ohio’s 9th District. As first reported by The Atlantic, for years Iott donned a German Waffen SS uniform and participated in Nazi re-enactments. As noted by Charles W. Sydnor, Jr., a retired history professor and author, re-enactments like the Wiking group’s are illegal in Germany and Austria, and “If you were to put on an SS uniform in Germany today, you’d be arrested.”

In explaining his participation in the Nazi reenactment group, Iott said he joined the group over five years ago “as a father-son bonding thing.” Now maybe I’m crazy, but of all the possible father-son bonding activities I can think of for my son and I do to together, joining a Nazi reenactment group isn’t on the list.


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84 thoughts on “Find the Republican in this photo

  1. Oh for goodness sakes…someone could have clued me in that Roland Melnick answered “nope” to to my question this morning. I apologized for not seeing it earlier…I must have scrolled down too fast.

    So…if you could humor me Mr. Melnick…because I want to be clear…you are denying you belong to a union??

      1. Mind your own business….or go back to Badger Blogger. I’m sure Roland Melnick can speak for himself.

          1. I’m fine Zach. I missed Roland Melnick’s reply initially…and instead of telling me so…he needed to be rude. Any other *normal* person would have just said…hey look at my reply at so and so time.

            Anyhoo…Roland Melnick…I said it before and I’ll say it again…you are a dishonest person. You attack people for being government employees and union member (or union thugs as you put it) when you yourself work for the government and are a union member. You reap the benefits from a job that union members fought to give you and then you come on the blogs and take every chance you can to criticise unions. You are a first class hypocrite…and liar for that matter.

            1. You dug up a two year old quote and think it’s some sort of evidence that I’m a liar? Do you not realize that things change? People’s lives change…as has mine. I agree with Zach…Anon, take a breath. How was I rude to you? I posted both my replies directly under your questions for cryin’ out loud. It’s my fault you didn’t recognize your own oversight? Grow up.

              Lemme guess…are you one of those aforementioned union thugs? It wouldn’t surprise me. You’re all ticked off that a union member would be critical of unions. Shows how much tolerance of differing viewpoints and freedom of speech people like you hold…which is to say “NONE.”

              Are all unions bad? No. I don’t attack unions or government workers per se. At times, I attack things they say or do. Do I sometimes speak/write in general terms? You bet, but find me someone who never has. I have several friends and family who are either private or public sector union members. Are all union members union goons? No. Just the ones who act like you do.

              I hate to burst your lil’ bubble, but your original question was (emphasis added):

              “I have to ask…don’t you think it’s a little hypocritical for you to reap the benefits of belonging to a union while being employed by the government all the while criticizing others for doing the same…?”

              To which, my answer was:

              “If I were, I would be…but since I haven’t, I’m not. “ Apparently, that was over your head…so you repeated:

              “You are a government employee and a union member…right?”

              Gauging my audience (you), I felt a simple answer of “Nope” was best. It was also appropriate because I’m not employed by the government. Technically I’m still in the union but haven’t worked under its auspices since my indefinite furlough. My union didn’t “give” me anything. I paid my own way through school and earned my jobs, degree, certificates and ratings on my own. So tell me. How does that make me a liar? A hypocrite? Despite what you “One World, One Nation, One Wisconsin Now” types think, I’m entitled to my opinion…and if Zach permits, I’m allowed to voice it here.

              I could go on, but how much of my personal life am I obligated to divulge to some anonymous jerk? Not to mention, as a blogger, I hate it when a thread is sidetracked…as this one definitely has been. So getting back on track, I think we left off at Republicans are Nazis vs. Liberals are Nazis… 🙂 …resume bickering.

              1. Let’s be perfectly clear. You…Roland Melnick…are an “anonymous jerk”…or are you going to lie to me again and tell me “Roland Melnick” is your real name??

                The rest speaks for itself. I think most people can tell when someone is full of shit.

                1. OMG that is a hysterical post, Someone who uses ANON to post is accusing someone of using a fake name. TO quote ANON, if that is your real name, “I think most people can tell when someone is full of shit.” Yeah we know!

                  1. Actually…Notalib…if you would have read Roland Melnick’s comment to me he called me an “anonymous jerk” implying he is using his real name…which he is not. There is no difference between someone using the moniker “Anon” and someone using the moniker “Roland Melnick”…get it?? They are both equally anonymous…

                    Explaining things to some people gets tedious at times.

  2. There is a blog called Badger Blog, will have to look it up and as far as my business sorry pal but you are posting in a public forum so I get to reply, if you want your little fit private take it to email otherwise I will respond as I see fit.

    1. Poor Gregory over there would have a heart attack if people thought I was associated with his leftwing blog. 🙂 He is not real fond of me. 🙂

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