Glenn Beck Gets Taken Down By A Cartoon Duck

In this hilarious remix mashup by Rebellious Pixel, Glenn Beck’s craziness is taken to task by Donald Duck.  Glenn Beck explains “everything that’s going on” to Donald Duck.   “Boo Hoo Cry Me a River” as Mr. Beck so eloquently says.


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2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Gets Taken Down By A Cartoon Duck

  1. Wow how creative — a bunch of Glenn Beck clips taken out of context and cobbled together: “Black panthers, ACORN, reparations, welfare, Jeremiah Wright…” without knowing or caring what he actually had to say about each topic.

    I could get your text above to say “Craziness eloquently explains me, boo hoo.”

    I love how the first part of the mashup implies we should tear down the rich and/or successful because it’s not fair to Donald. Yeah, hey Proud Progressive, did you see that? No, of course no one would suggest more socialism. Barack just wants to spread the wealth around.

    And yes, while I have a lot of compassion for those who lost a job and can’t afford to stay in their house, I do not have compassion for those who manipulated the markets and got us in this mess. That includes those who used the housing market to flip houses as an investment and now that they lost it is “boo hoo.” Or those who thought some miracle was going to happen by the time their rates and payments were going to increase.

  2. The person who did this mashup might want to beware the wrath of Disney copyright infringement. Just ask Russ Feingold who should have known better than to mess with “the express written consent of the National Football League.”

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