I am sure they are very concerned..

When the current activist Supreme Court overstepped their bounds and ruled on the citizens united case, the the umpire John Roberts. did not just call balls and strikes, he changed the complete rules of the game(and lied under oath, but thats another post). Now that the cat is out of the bag, we have to work around the system that the SCOTUS desigend for us. While many on the right said it was a great day for “free speech”, now that we have a case study we realize that they were not only wrong, they were waaaaaaaaaay wrong!

Here is the first case study of citizens united V the voters of the United States. Representative Peter Defazio (D-Ore) recently decided to confront a shadow group that is taking out ads against him. Isn’t that what democracy is? people with differing views getting together to discuss the differences and come to an understanding? Unfortunately, with the Citizens United ruling that no longer has to happen. When Congressman Defazio went to have such a chat with the group “Concerned Taxpayers”, when he knocked on the door someone answered and disavowed any knowledge whatsoever of the group. HMMMM… This group that has spent close to $200,000, the person at the listed residence who knows nothing of the group, whose voice is on the said groups answering machine pulls the best impression of Sgt. Schultz I have seen(\"I know nothing!\"). A groupd whose stated goal is to “engage citizens from every walk of life…” yet no one will lay cliam to even being part of the group. How do you engage with someone too cowardly to actually engage? how do we know that Osama bin laden is not behind this? How do we know that any of these people are not the ones behind the website? Rachel Maddow breaks it down in more detail here!

If your sure of yourself and your opinions make sense share them with everyone, stop hiding behind front groups. This is a bipartisan problem and we need ALL sides of the aisle to band together to fix this problem.


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