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  1. Man talk about one more reason why Dems are going to lose this Nov. They still believe this picture of conservatives. Keep dishing it out. This is a great example of how out of tune they are with what’s behind the conservative movement right now.

    Democrats are like dinosaurs slowly dying away

  2. @Notalib, I’d love to know what picture of conservatives, point by point, one should have.

    Apart fromt the dead weight electorate, there are progressives, and there are retards.

    As if this status quo were the end all and be all for humanity.

      1. Yep, that’s enough of that. You’ve been warned….both of you. If you want to name call and throw around the word “retard,” do it somewhere else.

        1. Aside from the word that was used, I’m tired of someone being labeled “dumb” just because they have a different viewpoint. What’s so hard about understanding that people have differing opinions, most of them rooted in sincere beliefs. Because someone disagrees with me doesn’t make them an idiot or buffoon.

          Actually over the years it seems liberals are quick to label conservatives as dummies and conservatives often label liberals as evil. Just an interesting observation.

          1. There’s a lot of words and labels (not to mention personal attacks) that get thrown around in place of actual substantive dialog. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve crossed that line from time to time, but I try pretty hard to keep things substantive.

            1. Hope you know I was just speaking generally, and not at you. I think we all get caught up in labels and attacks, self included, from time to time.

  3. I think this sarcastic attempt to defile the republican party will back fire. While many of the statements are true and do represent the Republican culture, it is very mockingly disrespective to the very ideals that made this great country what it is.

    Large businesses like Target and Wal-Mart should be supported to uphold the economy. Peace can only be achieved by force by those who do not know better. Government should be deregulated to keep consumers happy to boost the economy and keep large businesses safe, regardless of minor nit-picky things like organic or non-organic. It’s still food! Businesses are what makes America what it is and drive culture. The world is a large place! There is enough nature for everybody. Not EVERY little thing should be conserved for the future!!

    This video is a sad attempt by people checking so called “facts” by the liberal media. I only watch and trust Fox news, the trusted and most truest news source in the world.

    1. Actually it’s small local businesses that you should supporting if you want to help the economy. It’s been stated endlessly this entire recessionary cycle that it’s small and medium businesses that grow employment…and they tend to buy supplies and services locally…the Wal-marts and Targets outsource as much as they can overseas and give contracts to national contractors who won’t do a thing for your local economy.

    1. And yet it’s as true now as it was then. If you want to talk about old, tired material, take a look at the Pledge to America.

      1. And yet it’s as true now as it was then.

        So it’s true? You really want to stick with that? You tagged it “satire” and “humor.” Which is it?

        You really, honestly believe Republicans don’t want a cure for AIDs or breast cancer? That that’s a true statement?

        1. Obviously the video is meant to be humorous and satirical, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to what’s being said.

    1. I was going to go line by line with is what is untrue, but after watching it, EVERY single line in based in a lie, especially the implications that Republicans are uncaring bigots and sexists. It’s all based on the premise that if you don’t buy into the liberal anti-business, big goverment, as the only one way to solve problems, then you are automatically opposed to those issues.

  4. Well then how about the other question…what exactly is behind the “conservative” movement now and who would be classified as conservatives?

  5. @Notalib, “oddly enough” says it all.

    retard -v. To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede; n. A slowing down or hindering of progress; a delay.

    While mental retards suffer the same defect, that was not how I intended the word, but rather as “hinderers of progress” and impediments, retarders if you will, and not just for Americans, but for the human species. I admit intelligence and political vision (or lack of it) are very different faculties. Some of the smartest people I know are republicans, but in the same breath they lack imagination, the true seat of intelligence, as well as intuition, empathy and compassion. Many are what I call “congenital Republicans,” victims of their upbringing, peer pressure, and community conditioning. That’s about as charitable as anyone should be toward an impediment, no matter how sexy or charming. If the shoe fits . . .

    On the other hand, the list of genius socialists and progressives, like Einstein, is longer than any other affiliation.

    As for sincerity in hindering progress, the road to every kind of present day hell was paved with sincerely misguided, stuck-in-the-mire mindsets, not forward looking problem solvers, a definition of the progressive.

    There are conservative communists as well as conservative capitalists. They are both ideologically mired, cause all things to move slowly, delay and impede and hinder human progress, delaying real sustainable development for centuries instead of decades.

    I still would like to hear, point by point, what is a lie in this clip, or how one should picture so-called conservatives in the views they hold. I say so-called, because they do not simply question progress as a “conservative” might in the original meaning of the word, but irrationally fight human development at every turn, and seem to advocate regression to some bygone time that should be preserved in amber forever.

    The clip treats social issues, not underlying economic issues. I still can find no civil terms to characterize working class Republicans, inflicting the party of wealth, war and repression, on themselves and everyone else. To save a few bucks on their tax bill? Etc. Etc. ad nauseam. There is nothing patriotic in small mindedness.

    1. I know the definition of retard, and I know you weren’t using it as a verb. There’s any number of descriptors you could have used in place of that word.

  6. I still want to know whats behind the conservative movement right now? as far as i can tell its just the koch brothers billions.

  7. Here lies the problems. People like “forthetimebeing” there is NOTHING that can be said that will have a socialist progressive ever have a normal conversation with a conservative. this type of person has a one tunnel view of a conservative. For some reason he has this image that to be conservative you are rich. It’s a waste of time dealing with people like that, as they are not opened minded to anything but the ideology that peopel need governement to survive. That people need to be led around by their nose and told to only think the way governement runned schools tell you to think. I don’t have to defend conservatism to peopel like that nor do I have to try and explain to people what a conservative is. The current movement of conservatism is not Republican and it is not the Contract with America or whatever its called, we are just Americans who want a new direction for America, not one that follows socialstic agenda of the far left that wants governement involved in every aspect of our lives. It is a long road for people like me, a road that may never actually end, but I am not just going to sit by and let Democrats and Republicans continue trashing America. I will never accept the far left socialistic agenda that forthetimebeing seems to embrace and neither will most of America.

  8. far left socialist agenda? what might that be? continuing the bush rendition program? escalating the war in afghanistan? a slight health care reform? a wall st reform that doesn’t reform wall st? a years long debate and still not passing a 3% tax hike on the top 2% of people??

    where is the “far left socialist agenda”? and why haven’t i seen it?

  9. @Notalib, you paint the picture you protest. Try reading for understanding, maybe you can manage a conversation with yourself.

    There still has not been an explanation of what is untrue in the clip’s picture of conservatives, who I take it, only another conservative can understand.

    Yes, that’s where retardation of the species comes in — “most of America” remains in ignorance of socialism and is guided by fear, the ruling emotion of the conservative. Osama bin Laden is a conservative Islamist, and his bogeyman is also our government.

    As for government, this government is anathema to progressives as well. There are progressive anarchists who despise all government, progressive Christians who despise both parties, as well as despising this mythical conservative who is supposedly neither, but will end up voting Republican.

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