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  1. I sure as hell hate Scott Walker and suspect he is meat-sacking for Satan.
    However, I am quite “impressed by Tom Barrett’s character” in that he as not given any kind of nod to waaaaay too many parts of this state (i.e. MINE!!!!)

    He seems like a totally 3-piece-suit Uptown Boy who has ignored (and has no clue about) the priorities and “essence” of Wisconsin outside his Big City. It is logical to assume that is how he will govern. And wasn’t T.B the guy who had a sexual harassment/affair thing years back? And XOff or Jim Rowen or both testified in court back then? Maybe I’m wrong but I thought it was those 2 guys. and I thought that was Barret. Taking a wild guess… that won’t be on the video.

    Aside from my exercise in Gossip Trivia up there, I still am not impressed that the only contact Barrett seems to have had with my area is an Invitation-Only, Hundred-Dollar-a-Plate Soiree at a local Golf Course/Club. That I only heard about by 100% accident.
    Teh Posh, dahling.
    I can NOT watch Public TV people tell about how Johnson refused to speak with the people via their PBS network, (and feel angry about that) and then come here and see remarks on the Greatness of Barrett, when he also avoids contact in the same way, and not feel similarly angry.
    I don’t give a pass on that cuz a guy is a Democrat. In fact it’s worse when Democrats do that super-controlled campaign bullshit.
    Barret has been courting his (moneyed) base and leaving out the Rabble. I don’t respect that.

    But like I said, I hate Walker-Satan, so I have to vote for Barrett. But I’m not expecting any Gubernatorial Greatness outta that fella (unless you’re a Madison-Milwaukee person, then I’m sure he will be just what you ordered. Less attention up here means more slices-of-pie down there.
    Best case scenario – high speed rail connects the two “cities that matter” and we can drive mules around up here. 😉 yee haw
    (And I won’t give any personal credence what-so-ever to defenses of Tom from Madison/Milwaukee people who want to assert that “this is irrelevant”, cuz it ain’t. He’s an UpTown Boy, true true true.)
    since Barrett doesn’t “get” the whole state, that only makes it even MORE vital that Feingold wins!!!!!!!
    For our area, for our State, for the entire country
    okay, why stop there…
    It’s absolutely essential that Feingold wins.

      1. I have much respect for Tom Barrett but I have to say during the Democratic Primary my family and I voted for Tim John. He tackled a big issue that consumes Wisconsin – race. I know it’s one topic that people don’t like to think about, because there’s a mentality between what is ‘right’ and what is a ‘privilege’ but it was something that made me interested on some level with him.

        Because of this issue, I hope to see more of him in politics, the fact he’s a businessman, intelligent, and really in touch with the community was amazing in it’s own right. His commercials I’ve seen were funny, informative, lighthearted, but at times had a meaning behind them. (The one with how nobody saw a minority, was actually one that hit me in a way. I’m not black mind you, but I am a minority.)

        I actually have a degree of hope for Barrett, my family down in Milwaukee has a lot of good things to say about him. His plan is fairly impressive, concise, covering portions of all Wisconsin. He has done a fair amount of work in researching what can help their specific economies and infrastructures.

        He has a pretty solid foundation that incorporates the entire state even if it isn’t everything I can agree with. It is a lot more than what Walker has, which I’ve tried to look for a concise plan and didn’t come up with anything at all. Anyone who hasn’t read it, should. It’s not all just fluff, but it actually has a possibility of working where as Scott Walker… I just don’t see. I’m sorry.

    1. Annie K…Regarding the sexual harassment/affair part of your comment…if you don’t know for sure you shouldn’t make such an accusation. IMO.

      1. Didn’t make an “accusation”.
        I said “wasn’t he…” etc. That’s raising a question. In an impolite, non-Sunday-school way perhaps, but it’s NOT an accusation. Or, if you meant that I should never raise a question on an unpleasant topic UNLESS I am sure. Then I disagree. I had seen a transcript of this event in the past. It is no longer online. My searches in that regard have proven fruitless. But I was sure there was SOMETHING…

        No one in professional politics is particularly “gentle” these days. It’s a 24 hour a day all-out assault on the American public and we have the consequences shoved in every orifice.

        I’m not putting on lace gloves when talking about “these people”. They get a lot of power, which the overwhelming majority of politicians abuse with impunity and in a lot of cases – with outright glee.

        In the end, the question “wasn’t Barrett the guy..” was answered by Zach “OMG No! that guy was John Norquist, Tom Barrett’s predecessor.”

        Q and A ~
        Reasonable behavior.

        1. Just searched “milwaukee mayor sexual harassment” and the results were all about John Norquist.


    2. Re: Sexual Harassment: I would suggest that, like Barrett familiarizing himself with the rest of the state, YOU familiarize yourself with the difference between Tom Barrett and John Norquist.

      1. This. Right here.

        I wish we could stop this Milwaukee vs. Madison vs. The State Mentality. We’re all Wisconsin. If he does become only Madison and Milwaukee focused, I will call him out on it similar to everyone here. ( Heavens sake, Northeastern, southeastern section of the state has been neglected for years it isn’t funny. 🙁 )

    1. Zach told me the name of the guy.

      Okay I’ll ask
      Hey Tom Barrett!!! stop on campus or any other Non-party member site like Russ did. Oops? too late? boo hoo.
      He should have sought out the public. I am not in a Party so I can’t really invite him to “my event” as it says on his page. And from what I have heard “my event” would have to be a fund-raiser full of “Local Notables”. Not my crowd, not a lotta people’s crowd.
      He HAS appeared, but it’s a private crowd. That’s what I know about.

      My ad-blocker is messing with that link and I’m short on time so can’t switch browsers and re-load
      But I did see one event listed – The March Winds of Change. That’s not exactly Public outreach. That’s TOTALLY playing to the proven base, as I said.

      It’s a Party member paid dinner fundraiser event at a private club. Waaaay out in the sticks. A HUGE annual party love-fest. Not “the rabble” and totally doesn’t count at all.
      He would have eaten chicken surrounded by well-wishers hoping to get near him and rub elbows, and then taken to the podium to address an already pumped-up crowd of PARTY DEVOTEES who would have been already primed by “lesser speakers”. A controlled super-friendly stop.
      Doesn’t count at all. I don’t know how the other ticks on the maps stack up in that regards, but appearances of that type, only PROOF of what I said.

      Then, the event you linked to in the L-T you will notice was covered AFTER the fact, had already happened. The Labor Temple is also a spot that The Party goes for their events. I don’t know if some general public attended or not.
      Obama made one public stop here on campus. Another VERY sheltered stop big-wig party guys ONLY.
      Considering that was a presidential race the one public stop was good. The logistics of that enormous crowd was not something easily relpeated. Kerry stopped very publicly at a farm, and that was VERY publicized well in advance. Bush drove thru several towns, thru packed streets, then to a Private event. We’ve been visited by people in a much more accessible manner than Barret has.

      But as a lesser candidate, not president, Barrett has been markedly different, in comparison to Feingold.
      Considering that the first most people heard of TB was the Fair Attack thing, He could have run a little more Populist campaign.

      IMO he needs Independents as much as Feingold. Maybe not, maybe he has run strategic algorithms of likely voters or whatever they do in their dark little rooms, and maybe he can do it this way. I find it risky, aiding Walker by default.
      I, personally, am not impressed by Tom Barrett, he seems like a hot-house flower.
      Walker is very aggressive up here with ads etc. in a way I feel will resonate with too many people. If Tom is so charming I think he should have spread it around a little more. Walker as Governor seems super-scary to me. I won’;t feel really happy with years of his nonsense while thinking Barrett should have done it better, or we should have had another Democratic option. I wouldn’t have minded being charmed by Barrett to tell you the truth. If Barrett loses, you can be as indignant as you want by may sass and disrespect. Or, maybe, Barrett needed to reach out more than he did. If TB wins you can flame my blog with snarky remarks and party hearty for years. I won’t care cuz it’ll be better than Walker, so win-win.

      But as it is, I will put a half-hearted mark beside the name “Barrett” (which works for you, so what do you care?) and continue to blindly, droolingly worship Feingold, and ONLY Feingold, and for many, many good reasons.
      The Annie does not worship easily 😛

      1. Here’s Mayor Barrett on the campaign trail today. Hardly the social elite of the state:


        And watch what you say about some of his events…I have been at a couple of them where only the party faithful attended and paid for the opportunity. Don’t keep dissing the people who are your allies.

        And if after his time in Madison and Washington and his last run for Governor, you think no one outside Milwaukee didn’t know who he was until his beating outside State Fair…then you are the one who isn’t paying attention.

  2. While out for my walk this afternoon and checking out yard signs…each yard is either solid Dem or solid Rep…I found one yard with two signs: Walker for Governor and Gwen Moore for Congress…either the sign of a bipolar resident or a soon to be divorced couple!

    1. Oh, one yard Oklahoma has signs for (I think) Barrett, Chris Larson, and David Clarke. Chris said he met people that wanted both Walker and Larson signs, apparently not seeing the inherent contradiction that represents. Oh well!

  3. Why do I support Dan Sebring for Congress?

    First of all, who the heck am I? I am an up-tight white guy (a.k.a. conservative) who currently lives on the Northwest side of Milwaukee, I am married to a beautiful African American woman, I work in Downtown Milwaukee, I grew up in Bay View and my old stomping grounds are St. Francis, Cudahy and South Milwaukee. As such, I have a pretty good handle on the 4th Congressional District.

    Although the 4th CD is a reliable stronghold for democrats, it is not a strong hold for LIBERAL democrats. The distinction is important. Now, sections of the southeast side are certainly more liberal than when I was growing up (Bay View comes to mind…sigh), the majority of the area, particulary on the south side, are dominated by traditional, working class, conservative democrats. I mean, did you ever think you would see a conservative republican elected on the southeast side (Mark Honadel)? In fact, I am continually surprised at how many people in the 4th CD have no idea who the current incumbent is.

    Anyway, what does this have to do with my support of Dan Sebring? Well, I believe that Dan holds many of the core values of the district. Some of them are:

    1. Dan Sebring is pro-life. The majority of the district is pro-life. The incumbent is pro-abortion.
    2. Dan Sebring is pro-gun ownership for law abiding citizens (the operative phrase being law-abiding). The district as a whole is split on this one. However, the incumbent is definitely anti gun-ownership.
    3. Dan Sebring is NOT in favor of expanding social welfare programs. I am quite certain that the majority of the 4th is against it as well. The incumbent built a career on expanding social welfare programs.

    There are more reasons for my support, but these should suffice. I do believe that the incumbent has the advantage, but it is not a lock. We shall see.

    1. Jerry, you say a majority of the 4th CD is dominated by traditional, working class conservative Democrats, but I’d argue that the majority of the Democrats in the 4th CD are actually more liberal. While there’s no denying South Milwaukee, St. Francis, and Cudahy may find more conservative/moderate Democrats, those areas don’t represent the majority of voters in the 4th CD – not even close.

      As to your three points about how Dan Sebring’s views are more in line with a majority of voters in the district, how exactly do you explain Gwen Moore – and before her Jeffy Klezcka and Clem Zablocki – being elected to Congress? If the majority of voters in the 4th CD are pro-life, pro-gun, and anti-social welfare programs, then how exactly did Gwen Moore win her three terms in the House with 70%, 72%, and 87.6% of the vote?

      1. The liberal democrat voting blocks are concentrated in the inner city, downtown and Bay View areas. The previously mentioned areas are more traditional democrat. There are also large numbers of traditional democrats on the north and northwest side, particularly northwest. We may need to agree to disagree on the exact demographics.

        So, why do they vote liberal? Darn good question. Clem Zablocki was a bit before my time, but I remember Jerry Klezcka very well. Mr. Klezcka was a home grown candidate, who had a very loyal following. Remember, the district lines were different back then. The city of Milwaukee was split in half. Klezcka had the south, Barrett had the north. Klezcka was part of a cadre of south-side democrats who had several things in common: Southside, Catholic & Polish. Then a conservative republican by the name of Tom Reynolds came along. He ran against Klezcka at least twice, possibly three times. Every time he gained a greater percentage of the vote (if memory serves). Mr. Reynolds then ran for State Senate and won. He was recently trounced by Sullivan, who swept in on a wave of anti-republican sentiment, but I digress. My point is, the more the electorate learned about Mr. K’s voting record, the less they liked it.

        So, fast-forward to now. Why the lop-sided wins for the current incumbent? There are several reasons which include zero-to-weak opposition, straight ticket party voting habits, a genuine change in demographics, etc. However, one big factor is that a disturbingly large percentage of the electorate does not know the name of the person who currently represents them. Many more do not know where this person lands on the political spectrum. I have observed this far too many times. The incumbent knows this, which is why she is keeping a low profile. Frankly, it’s a good strategy.

        With all that said, I know that it is an up-hill battle for a conservative republican. I have no illusions. I also know that stranger things have happened. If there were ever a year for this type of upset, this would be it.

        1. Here’s a few facts for you:

          • In 1996, Rep. Klezcka got 57% of the vote against Tom Reynolds.
          • In 1998, Rep. Klezcka got 57% of the vote against Reynolds.
          • In 2000, Rep. Klezcka got 60.7% of the vote in a three-way race.

          Contrary to what you thought you remembered, Reynolds didn’t get more popular; he couldn’t get more than 42% against Rep. Klezcka, and the fact that Rep. Klezcka’s popular vote total went up to 60% in a three-way race in 2000 undermines your statement that the more voters learned about Klezcka the less they liked him.

          If the majority of voters in the 4th CD really are pro-life, pro-gun, and anti-social welfare, as you’ve stated, then it doesn’t make a lick of sense why they’d continue to elect (by successively larger margins) representation that doesn’t uphold their beliefs.

          1. i dont know the 4th cd per say, but there are alot of things in election politics that dont make sense. I like Gwen Moore and would vote for her in a second over Sebring, but its not unrealistic for an incumbent to not represent his/her district. Look how poorly Paul ryan represents his district and wins re-election easily.

  4. irrespective of the 4th CD, can anyone tell me when the democrats actually took away anyones guns?

  5. You forgot the East Side, Washington Park, STory Hill and Sherman Park. Also Obama carried ST Francis, Cudahy and South Milwaukee in 2008.

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